What Superheroes Would Be Like If They Were Dads

Growing up, the first hero you idolize isn’t from a comic book or TV show. It’s your dad. While mothers shower us with love and affection, dads always make us feel safe and make the impossible possible. It’s like no task, whether big or small, is beyond their reach. No wonder kids can often be heard saying, “my daddy strongest!” But if dads are like superheroes, ever wondered what kind of dads our favorite superheroes will make? Let’s find out!

1. Batman will be the funniest

He has a penchant for being serious all the time. But we have a feeling the glum superhero will let loose with his kids.

2. Spiderman will cast a web of joy

We know for a fact that this superhero will have his kids squealing with joy using his super powers.

3. Wolverine will make lunchtime into fun time

And we bet his kids will love it!

4. Hulk will supersize playtime

His kids will really have a tough time buying a shirt for him on Father’s day though.

5. Captain America will be the most protective

And shield his kids from every harm.

6. Superman will make going to school super cool

Why ride the bus when you can fly and beat the traffic?

While these superheroes will definitely make good use of their super powers in bringing up their kids, our dads are no less. In our eyes, they will always be the best among them all. They truly are the real superheroes in our lives!

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