15 Questions in Kaun Banega Crorepati Asked For 1 Crore or More


To say that Kaun Banega Crorepati has become a household name would be an understatement. First telecasted back in 2000, it has now become like a family routine in most homes to watch the game show while having dinner. The game as many of us are aware starts with the first question worth Rs 1,000 and goes until the highest prize of 7 Crore. Very rarely, does a contestant reaches the 1 Crore mark as the difficulty of questions is highest. In this article, we got you 20 such questions from KBC which were asked for 1 Crore or more.

Try answering these KBC questions which were asked for 1 crore or more and can check them with the answers provided at the end of the article.


1.) Season 1 (2000) – Harshvardhan Nawathe – 1 Crore

Harshvardhan Nawathe, from Mumbai, became the first ever crorepati by answering right the 1 crore question, which was as follows;

Q 1. Among whom of the following does the Indian Constitution permit to take part in the proceedings of Parliament?
A. Solicitor General
B. Attorney General
C. Cabinet Secretary
D. Chief Justice

2.)  Season 4 (2010) – Prashant Batar – 5 Crore

Prashant Batar from Meerut became the first crorepati of the 4th season. However, unfortunately, he answered the 5 crore question wrong and ended up winning only Rs 3,20,000. The 5 crore question he got wrong was –

Q 2. Who, in 1978, became the first person to be born on the continent of Antarctica?

A. Emilio Palma
B. James Weddell
C. Nathaniel Palmer
D. Charles Wilkes

3.) Season 5 (2011) – Sushil Kumar – Rs 5 crore

Sushil Kumar from Champaran, Bihar became the first contestant on the show to win Rs 5 crore by answering the following question correctly;

Q3. Which colonial power ended its involvement in India by selling the rights of the Nicobar Islands to the British on October 18, 1868?
A. Belgium
B. Italy
C. Denmark
D. France

4.) Season 6 (2012) – Sumeet Kaur Sawhney – Rs 5 crore

Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney from Chandigarh, Punjab became the first woman to win Rs 5 crore on the show by giving the right answer to the question below;

Q4. Who is the first woman to successfully climb K2, the world’s second-highest mountain peak?
A. Junko Tabei
B. Wanda Rutkiewicz
C. Tamae Watanabe
D. Chantal Mauduit

(Source: Wikipedia)

5.) Season 11 (2019) – Babita Tade – Rs 1 crore

Babita Tade from Amravati won Rs 1 crore in season 11 of KBC by answering the following question right;

Q5. Which poet in the court of Mughal Ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar wrote the ‘Dastan-e-Ghadar’, a personal account of the 1857 revolt?
A. Mir Taqi Mir
B. Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq
C. Zahir Dehlvi
D. Abul- Qasim Ferdowsi

6.) Season 12 (2020) – Dr. Neha Shah – Rs 7 crore

Dr Neha Shah from Mumbai in season 12 won Rs 1 crore. She saw this question for 7 crores but decided to quit and take 1 crore as she didn’t know the answer.

Q6. The historic Indo-Pak talks of 1972 between Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto were held at which place in Shimla?
A. Viceregal Lodge
B. Gorton Castle
C. Barnes Court
D. Cecil Hotel

(Source: Twitter)

7.) Season 12 (2020) – Nazia Nasim – Rs 7 crore

Nazia Nasim from Ranchi, Jharkhand like Dr. Neha Shah also reached the 7 crore question after winning 1 crore. Like Neha, she also decided to quit the game and go back with 1 crore.

Q7. Where in Singapore did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose make the first proclamation of an Azad Hind government?
A. Cathay Cinema Hall
B. Fort Canning Park
C. National University of Singapore
D. National Gallery of Singapore

8.) Season 12 (2020) – Mangalam Kumar – Rs 1 crore

Mangalam Kumar from Greater Noida did not know the answer to the 1 crore question and thus quit the game going back with Rs 50 Lakhs. This was the 1 crore question he didn’t know the answer to;

Q8. Milinda-Panha is a dialogue between King Menander or Milinda and which Buddhist monk?
A. Asanga
B. Nagasena
C. Mahadharmarakshita
D. Dharmaraksita

(Source: Twitter)

9.) Season 13 (2021) – Himani Bundela – Rs 7 crore

Himani Bundela from Agra, UP became the first crorepati of the 13th season. She was presented with the 7 crore question, but since she wasn’t sure of the answer, decided to quit and go back with 1 crore rupees.

Q9.What was the title of the thesis that Dr. B R Ambedkar submitted to the London School of Economics for which he was awarded his doctorate in 1923?
A. The Wants and Means of India
B. The Problem of the Rupee
C. National Dividend of India
D. The Law and Lawyers

10.) Season 14 (2022) – Ayush Garg – Rs 1 crore


Ayush Garg from Delhi was presented with the 1 crore question after he won 75 lakhs, however, he decided to quit as he did not know the answer.

Q10. Which was the first mountain peak above 8,000 meters in height to be summited by humans?
A. Annapurna
B. Lhotse
C. Kanchenjunga
D. Makalu


11.) Season 13 (2021) – Sahil Aditya Ahirwar – Rs 1 crore

Sahil Aditya Ahirwar from Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh became the second crorepati of the 13th season after answering this question correctly.

Q11. “The Sanskrit phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning The Guest is God is taken from which Upanishads?”
A. Katha Upanishad
B. Mundaka Upanishad
C. Chhandogya Upanishad
D. Taittriya Upanishad

(Source: Twitter)

12.) Season 14 (2022) – Shashwat Goel – Rs 7.5 crore

Shashwat Goel from Delhi, correctly answer the 1 crore question and thus was presented with the question for a 7.5 crore bumper prize. He attempted the question but got it wrong and lost the 1 crore winning and took back Rs 75 lakhs.

Q12. “Which British Army unit was given the motto ‘Primus in Indis’ because it was the first to serve in India?”
A. 41st (Welsh) Regiment of Foot
B. 1st Coldstream Guards
C. 5th Light Infantry
D. 39th Regiment of Foot.

13.) Season 12 (2020) – Mohita Sharma – Rs 7 crore

Mohita Sharma, an IPS officer from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, became a crorepati by correctly answering the 1 crore question. She was then presented with the 7 crore question, however, she couldn’t answer it and thus quit the show and went back with 1 crore.

Q13. Launched in 1817, which of these ships built by the Wadia Group in Bombay is the oldest British warship still afloat?

A. HMS Minden
B. HMS Cornwallis
C. HMS Trincomalee
D. HMS Meanee

14. Season 14 (2022) – Kavita Chawla – Rs 7.5 crore

Kavita Chawla, a homemaker from Kolhapur, Maharashtra became the first crorepati of the 14th season. She was then qualified for the next question for 7.5 crores. However, she didn’t know the answer and decided to quit the show.

Q14. Gundappa Vishwanath, the first Indian to score a double century on a first-class debut, achieved that feat against which team?”
A. Services
B. Andhra
C. Maharashtra
D. Saurashtra.

(Source: crictracker)

15.) Season 11 (2019) – Babita Tade – Rs 7 crore

Babita Tade from Amravati, Maharashtra, became the second crorepati of the 2019 season. She was presented with the 7 crore question, but she decided to quit the show and go back with 1 crore winnings. This was the 7 crore question she could not answer:

Q15. Which of these states has had the greatest number of its governors become presidents of India?’
A. Rajasthan
B. Bihar
C. Punjab
D. Andhra Pradesh


Right answers :

1.) B. Attorney General,

2.) A. Emilio Palma,

3.) C. Denmark,

4.) B. Wanda Rutkiewicz,

5.) C. Zahir Dehlvi,

6.) C. Barnes Court,

7.) A. Cathay Cinema Hall,

8.) B. Nagasena,

9.) B.The Problem of the Rupee,

10.) A. Annapurna,

11.) D. Taittriya Upanishad,

12.) D. 39th Regiment of Foot,

13.) C. HMS Trincomalee,

14.) B. Andhra

15.) B. Bihar

So how many questions did you get right? Now that you got so many crores by answering these questions,

With that, we come to the end of the article, hope you enjoyed reading this article about 15 questions that were asked for 1 crore or more in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Hope you enjoyed reading it, we will continue bringing you content like this, then adios!

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