15 Times Cats Proved That They Don’t Give A F*Ck About Your Selfie

One of the perks of having a pet is clicking cute selfies to share on instagram and making your friends go “aww”. But that isn’t always the case. Especially when these selfies involve your furry feline friends. Cats are known to be highly demanding and extremely moody. One moment they’d be purring in your arms and the next, they’d scratch your eyes out. And heaven forbid if you ever try taking a selfie with them. Unlike dogs, the moment you point a camera at your cat, they’ll either simply refuse to smile or worse, just freak out. Try too hard and they just might attack you! Need proof? Here are 15 humans who discovered the hard way that cats hate selfies.

1) This cat who is alarmed at the audacity of her human slave to click her picture without

2) This cat who doesn’t like intimacy of any kind.

3) This cat who isn’t impressed at all.

4) This cat who is already plotting her revenge.

5) This cat wants her human’s paws off her

6) This cat who is begging her human to stop

7) Just stop

8) I mean just f*cking STOP

9) This cat is not your scarf

10) Also, not your hat

11) The one in the middle looks a “little” surprised

12) This kitty doesn’t want her human’s pouty lips anywhere near her

13) That’s what the kiss of death looks like

14) Also, this

15) Let us end this on a happy note. Maybe not

So, to recap. Cats don’t like selfies. They don’t like you either.

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