21 Architects Who Should Be Fired Right Away!

While it may seem easy, building a house is a petty complex task. There are thousands of measurements involved and the tiniest of mistakes can lead to biggest blunders. That’s why people pay a hefty price to qualified architects to build their dream homes. But sometimes, architects can also mistakes. While some are hardly noticeable, others leave you wondering if the architect who designed that building was drunk the whole time.

Here are 21 architects who should probably go back to school and learn how to design right from the beginning.

1) Who needs a door when you can climb in through a window.

2) This would lead to some awkwardness between you and your buddy.

3) What’s the big deal in climbing a few stairs even if you’re in a wheel chair?

4) And the award for the most indecisive designer goes to…

5) Look carefully. One window is *slightly* different.

6) That’s what happens when you hold the blueprint upside down.

7) Maybe the poor guy ran out of windows.

8) Is it just us or does this look like a giant penis?

9) This one made my head spin.

10) This door is perfect for someone who doesn’t like uninvited guests coming over.

11) Windows seem difficult to install.

12) This is why you should always check for the aerial view as well.

13) Thanks for building my house. Now how do I get in?

14) Going upstairs? It’s gonna be difficult with this staircase!

15) That’s not how you bridge the gap.

16) You can go up these stairs if you are a ghost and have the ability to pass through walls.

17) In case of a toilet emergency, this would be your worst nightmare.

18) That’s a lovely view!

19) Maybe you should take the bus instead of the train.

20) Looks like that one dropped right from the heavens above!

21) And finally, this “creation” designed especially for couples who never want to be apart. Ever.

Looking at these architectural “wonders”, I think I am qualified enough to be an architect too. At least I know how stairs work and where doors go. Anybody hiring?

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