7 Tips to Hack Your Way to 15,000 Youtube Subscribers Faster

A quick question: what’s the number one thing that successful YouTubers have in common? If you guessed laser focus, you’re right. And if you need a little help with your own YouTube channel, or want to start one and see what happens, we’ve got just the tips for you.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and It’s not difficult to see why. YouTube videos are targeted by millions of people every day and are watched for hundreds of hours daily. This has allowed some users to achieve fame, by gaining more views on their YouTube videos. So how do you get a YouTube channel to that kind of fame?

These are our 7 best tips to hack your way to 15,000 YouTube subscribers faster.

1. Pick Your Niche

If your content is good enough, it will help to gain more views on your YouTube videos. But before anything else, you have to decide on a niche. Yes, this is the most important step. You cannot succeed if you don’t pick a niche that has some demand. 

Buying YouTube subscribers is a great way to boost your Youtube audience . But if you not buy them – your channel will never get the momentum it needs to grow like a rocket because famous influencers or content creators also use these services.

2. Have A List Of Keywords

Before you start producing content, it’s important to know what people will search for online if they stumble upon your channel. Now that you have a good starting point, it’s time to start working on your keyword research. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the best way to do that is by typing in terms related to what you want for your channel/content and then looking at the autocomplete suggestions.

3. Use Your Niche To Brainstorm Video Ideas

Now that you have a list of potentially interesting keywords, you can start brainstorming video ideas. We recommend using free software such as Evernote to write down every idea you come up with. But there are even better tools for this job. 

For example, Tubebuddy is an amazing keyword research tool that lets you type in a keyword and see what YouTube videos are related to it. That way, you can quickly find lots of related topics that may become good video ideas for your channel.

4. Write A Script

Once you have a good number of video ideas, it’s time to develop them into a real script. You will use the script to record your voice-over. In voice-over, you need to decide whether you’ll be just talking through the screen or if you’ll also include footage from your camera(s).

Then, write down a list of bullet points for the main points you want to say in each video. Then create a schedule with detailed breakdowns of when you plan to produce each type of video and when your videos will go live.

5. Find Good Resources

Once you have the script ready, it’s time to find resources that’ll help you on your way to producing high-quality video content. The best source of the material is the internet itself. 

But some other places are good too: Blogs, forums, or community websites are great sources of inspiration and ideas too. When it comes to finding great resources on the internet, there’s no one-stop-shop way to do it – but that’s okay.

6. Choose The Right Camera For Your Needs

YouTube cameras come in all shapes and sizes, with different functions. And the right camera for a YouTuber depends on what type of videos you want to make. When it comes to beginners, using a point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera is usually the best choice. 

They’re easier to use and produce good quality video without being extremely expensive. The next step up from that is a camcorder or DSLR (digital single-lens reflex). All of these are great cameras that produce amazing footage without breaking the bank.

7. Other Things to Take Note of

Just the above-mentioned points are not enough to pave your way to gain more views on your YouTube videos. There are certain other things, small, but equally effective things. Start by setting up your YouTube channel properly. You have to make sure that your marketing message is direct, clear, and effective. Once you have a good audience, it’s important to share your YouTube channel across various social media channels. Be consistent and patient when growing your audience

You have to remember that buying YouTube subscribers should not be a part of your overall goal. If your content is relatable and attractive, you can gain 15,000 subscribers just lay informed about industry trends and news. This will help you create interesting, useful, and useful content that people will want to watch. Use YouTube as a platform for promoting other aspects of your business as well. You can use YouTube to promote yourself or your services, which can be a great way to expand your overall online presence on the web and gain new customers!


The fastest-growing sedentary ones do videos about fitness, travel, or cooking tutorials. The reason is simple: People who love those topics already follow channels that produce great content on those topics. So they’re likely to check out your channel and subscribe when they see it’s doing something similar to their favorite channel.

But even if you don’t care about the fastest way to success, which we have to be honest – most people don’t – you should still try to stick to the tips mentioned. That is how the successful ones stick around for years. Taking care of these tips is enough if you want to ensure a long-running YouTube career.

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