A Beginners Guide to Online Slots

Slots are one of the most popular games to play because they’re easy to grasp, exciting to play, and offer generous rewards to winners. Are you interested in playing Online Slots but unsure about the rules and where to start? Fear not! This guide breaks down everything you need to know to get you started and begin spinning those digital reels. 

Slot Terminology 

To start with, get a better understanding of the goings-on in slot games by familiarizing yourself with the slot terms below:

Reels: Reels are present in every online slot game, and they spin fast when you click the spin button. They then slow down to a halt and fall in line with the other reels to reveal a pattern of symbols.

Pay lines: Every slot game has several winning combinations referred to as pay lines. If the alignment and type of symbols on a particular pay line match what you have on-screen, players will win the amount associated with that pay line. 

Symbols: There are several symbols displayed across the reels. What those symbols look like depends on the theme and age of the game.

For instance, in a game of King Kong slots, the symbols reflect the characters and settings in the film. Moreover, different symbols have different powers and advantages that can enhance a player’s chances of winning freebies, such as free spins, bonus rounds, or cash. For example, a wild symbol completes pay-lines on-screen by becoming a substitute for other icons. On the other hand, icons defined as scatter symbols will enhance a player’s chances of triggering free spins.

Check Out the Legal Side

The laws for playing slot games vary worldwide. Complying with the laws of the country or state you’re in is crucial. Because you may be entitled to protection and rights while playing. 

While checking the law on slot gaming, be mindful of whether you’re the right age to play also.

Random Number Generator

The formation of symbols on the reels are generated at random. Therefore, there is no such thing as a slot machine that’s “soon due to payout”, just because it’s been played a certain amount of times. 

This is important to remember because it stops players from spending all their time and money on one slot game. 

Secure Slot Sites

A safe slot site is one that;

  • Complies with the law
  • Is regulated by an official governing body
  • Pays the relevant licensing fees to operate
  • Has routine audits to monitor its processes and finances
  • Is transparent about the company’s structure, earnings, and licenses
  • Offers reputable payment methods for players to deposit cash to play
  • Protects and encrypts customer credentials from criminal threats on the internet
  • Incorporates fair gaming practices

To enjoy a game of slots online, players need to know the games they’re playing are fair, and the money they deposit is safe. 

So, it’s wise for wannabe players to do some research beforehand. And find a slot site that fulfills the criteria for a secure slot site above.

Find the Slots RTP (Return to player)

Each slot game has an RTP that defines the slot’s percentage rate for paying out cash to customers. The higher the RTP the more likely players are to receive a payout. You can often find the RTP in the description of the slot game.

Seek Sign Up Incentives 

Take advantage of each slot site’s marketing efforts to draw in customers with generous incentives by searching for and using the best offers. In doing so, players can get free spins, free cash to play, and more. This tip is perfect for people wanting to get used to slot games without spending their own money first.

Gaming Budget

Speaking of money, setting a budget to play with beforehand is compulsory. Slot games are moreish so it’s easy to use up all of your digital coins quickly.  So to avoid overspending, create an affordable amount to play with before you sign up to any slot providers. And don’t forget to check whether you can comfortably afford the minimum bet labeled on your slot game of choice.

Take Your Time

While the reels spin fast, and the outcome of each spin is quick, it doesn’t mean you need to play hastily. There’s no time limit to spin the reels and spend your cash or withdraw your winnings, so take your time. In doing so, you’ll have much more fun.

Winning? Then Walk Away

A crucial piece of advice for beginners is to walk away when you’re winning. Leave on a high note, and you’ll have the luxury of enjoying your winnings and can enjoy playing slots another day.

How to Play

Lastly, the basic process for playing slots combines a few elements mentioned above; 

1) Find a safe slot site with sign-up incentives and become a member

2) Browse the slot games on offer and choose one that interests you 

3) Deposit your cash or use your incentive to start playing

4) In your own time click the designated spin button and wait for the reels to stop spinning

5) Follow step 4 for as long as you’re happy playing

6) Withdraw any winnings at a point that suits you

Now beginners have the best slot gaming advice to hand to maximize their experience when playing. It’s time to start putting this advice to use – have fun!

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