A Guide to Some of Martin Scorcese’s Masterpieces

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A Guide to Some of Martin Scorsese’s Masterpieces

Martin Scorsese has spent his career making Hollywood movies and, in this article, we highlight his best. A very talented director, as well as a producer and writer, Scorsese will be sorely missed when he is gone. Over the years, he has given us over 60 movies to enjoy, surprisingly winning only one Academy Award. 

Many of Scorsese’s movies are based on real life, and if you are into that niche of film, we have made a convenient list of the 15 best movies based on true events

He is currently working on a few new projects, one being “Roosevelt”. So, keep an eye out for that one. Without further ado, here are the best movies the legendary director has ever made: 


A gripping 1990s mafia drama starring friends Robert De Niro (Ace) and Joe Pesci (Nicky). It tells the story of a gambling prodigy managing a Las Vegas casino, with protection from the mob. Furthermore, it is a tale of greed, deception and power with some excellent acting and writing. The main character – Ace, is a professional gambler, who knows all the tricks in the book and is trying to live a legitimate life. The movie is based on true events of how Las Vegas was created and funded in the early days. The 60s was the golden age of casinos in Vegas. It was a glamorous time and popular with movie stars. However, today that has changed with online gambling. Players can play in the comfort of their own home. There are comparison websites that check for all the best online casinos in the UK to assist players. They scour the net and review each of the best operators that provide the best services and offerings such as bonuses, rating each of them to help players make an informed decision. They also provide guides on how to play table games, as well as security and legality issues surrounding playing online.


Goodfellas is a cinematic masterpiece being one of the most iconic mafia movies of all time. It is a story about Henry and Karen Hill, their life in the Mafia and the troubles they faced. Scorsese famously captured the couple taking the back door route to a cabaret all in one take. It has a star-studded cast: Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Lorraine Bracco and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It showcases many of Scorsese’s trademarks such as narration by the lead characters and a gripping dialogue. In addition, Joe Pesci who played Tommy won an Oscar for his performance as the psychopathic young mafioso. The movie has plenty of twists and turns and has to go down as one of Scorsese’s greatest ever movies made.

Wolf of Wall Street

The 2014 black comedy based on the life of stock trader Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Di Caprio). It is hilarious as well as being a terrific plot. The movie follows the life of Belfort who runs an illegal stock boiler room and makes millions of dollars in the process. Also, the film is full of debauchery with many references to drugs and sex throughout. The Wolf of Wall Street is packed with Hollywood talent: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie and Rob Reiner, and provides an entertaining watch. It was nominated for the Oscar with Hill and DiCaprio for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor. Definitely one of the funniest movies that Scorsese has ever made, and should be on everyone’s watchlist. 

The Irishman 

Scorsese’s most recent gritty mafia drama is The Irishman. It is a 3-hour epic on the biography of Frank Sheehan (played by Robert De Niro), his loyalties to the mob and stories about his life. It was criticised for its length and was released directly to Netflix, being Scorsese’s only film not released in cinemas. The cast is full of Hollywood legends including: De Niro, Pesci, Pacino and Keitel. A special shoutout must go to Al Pacino for his portrayal in the role of union boss Jimmy Hoffa. Scorsese told the story magnificently between the mafia’s feud with the Kennedys after JFKs election in 1960. Additionally, The Irishman would simultaneously switch from the modern day, to stories of Franks heyday (the 1960s). Overall, an excellent watch with wonderfully written dialogue, a real testament to the talent of Martin Scorsese.

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