10 Most Romantic Hollywood Dialogues Of All Times

Love is inexpressible. It is a feeling that cannot be summed up in any language whatsoever. But we try nevertheless. Each day, telling our loved ones how loved they are.
Here are 10 of the most romantic dialogues of all times that have ever hit the silver screen. They attempted to sum up the feeling in the best way possible.
Read on…

1) Love only expands

2) More than all the love in the world

3. I’ll always love you when you’re no longer young, beautiful or alive

4. Love takes you to places

5. No ordinary love

6. Till the end of the time…

7. Love knows no boundaries

8. It’s not love if you’re sorry

9. Love you and only you

10. To love and get love

Love is grand, love is pretty, love is more than anything and everything. This beautiful feeling is best experienced when it happens. Well, we hope it happens to you.