25 Best Animated Movies To Nurture Your Inner Child!

Animated films are where imagination meets reel life. Some of the best animated movies like The Lion King have struck an emotional chord with the audiences. These films are unconventional, creative and fun to watch. The good as well as bad characters from fables, folklore liven up. And, evil creatures such as dragons and ogres don’t always have an evil intent. The animals which include dogs, cats and mouse verbalise their thoughts and emotions.

But, most of all, some of the best animated movies break the set norms of the society.  Thereby,  helping us discern the good from the bad, within the purview of a light-hearted animated narrative.

Let’s look at some of the best animated movies across the globe.

1. Aladdin

Aladdin was produced  by Walt Disney Feature Animated in 1992. It is a story which gives us hope as we peer inside the magical world of Aladdin. Taken from Arabian folklore, Aladdin entices Jasmine and the audience with his three charms: The Magical Carpet, Genie and Abu (his monkey).

2. Beauty And The Beast

A hideous beast wants a young girl to live with him, in exchange for her father’s freedom. Over time, the girl realises that the Beast is a kind- hearted prince who was cursed by a wicked witch. Her love frees his of his spell and reveals his true identity. Watch the age-old fairy tale in a beautiful story and one of the best animated movies of all time.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

The film is about  adventures of a reckless and rebellious Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox loves to raid farms and trouble his neighbouring wicked farmers. However, the farmers plant to take revenge and put his entire family’s life on risk.

4. Finding Nemo

Nemo, a Clownfish  was abducted from the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin, his father  undertakes a journey to find him.  A journey akin to soul searching, full of dangers lurking inside the ocean and outside.

6. Dragon 3D

Vikings must prove their transition from teenage to manhood by killing a dragon. However, Hiccup, a Viking does the exact  opposite  by befriending a Dragon. And thereby, gaining the ire of the tribe. The film imparts the valuable lesson of compassion and empathy towards all beings. And that’s why it is one of the best animated films ever made!

7. Inside Out 

Inside Out talks about the  importance of human emotions in the development of a child.  The film is  about Riley, a kid, and her five prominent emotions. It brilliantly  captures how  each of these emotions react to change in her external surroundings.

8. Kubo And The Two Strings

Kubo along with his friends must find his father’s legandary armour  to ward-off an evil spirit.

9. Mary And Max

This animated film is about  the long-distance friendship between Mary and Max, over generations. Despite the beauty of their friendship, the duo are completely opposite in nature.

10. Monsters, Inc. 

Monsters, Inc. is about the world of monsters. The monsters must scare and make the human kids cry to generate electricity in their own world. But, when a human kid finds a way into their world, things get out of control for Sully and Mike: The two monsters who are employed by a powerhouse company to make the kids cry.

11. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke was made in Japan in 1997. It is the story of a young prince called Ashitaka who tries make peace between warring deities of a forest and humans who are destroying the forest. Mononoke, in Japan , refers to spirits who would possess humans and cause them sufferings, disease or death.


12. Ratatouille 

Remy wants to become a world famous chef. However, he  has to suffer the consequences of being a Rat. The hilarious and visually rich Ratatouille is an immersive experience. Watch the film to know why we think it is one of the best animated films made by Pixar.

13. Shaun the Sheep 

The farm animals decide to flee the farm for a day off. Shaun the sheep, who is equally bored of the life at farm concocts a plan. But, the plan backfires. The USP of the film is that it has minimal dialogues and a lot is said in silence and the visuals.

14. Shrek

Shrek, an ogre enjoys his solitude at a far away swamp. However, a bunch of odd creatures  invade his swamp and disrupt his peaceful existence.  They’ve been banished from their kingdom by a vile lord. Shrek decides to help them in their plan to gain the kingdom back from the scheming lord.

15. Zootopia 

Zootopia is a city where the lion and the sheep co-exist peacefully.   However,  when we look a little closely, we realise not all’s well here.  Although, Zootopia is an animated film it talks about one of the major issues of the real world: racial profiling by police.


16. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is the first animated feature film by Disney. The film is based on a German fairytale of the same name.

17. Spirited Away 

A ten years old girl and her parents come across an abandoned amusement park. Little they realised they’ve stepped into the haunted land.

18. The Incredibles 

The Incredibles are  living a lie. Despite being  superheroes, they are living life as ordinary citizens.  But, the monotony of an ordinary life taking a toll on them. And, are eagerly awaiting for a chance to escape into the world of adventure.

19. The Iron Giant 

The Iron Gate is an American Sci-fi film by Warner Bros.  It is about the friendship between a boy and an alien. The alien looks like a huge robot and the US government wants to terminate it.


20. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is the classic tale of the good versus bad. Emmet is mistakenly presumed to be the saviour of the Lego World.  But, despite being an ordinary citizen Emmet  fights the  evil with his world.

21. The Lion King 

Lion King Musafa’s power hungry brother Scar kills Musafa and chases  his cub Simba out of the jungle. Years later, young Simba along with his friends return to regain his kingdom from Scar.

22. Toy Story 

Woody is Andy’s favourite toy. But, he gets insecure when Andy receives Buzz Lightyear as his birthday gift.He along with Andy’s other toys hatches a plan to get rid of the new toy.

23. UP

An old widower ties his house with millions of  balloons and  flies  away to Paradise Falls. However, as the house is in mid air, he realises that a little boy is also abroad on the house.

24. Wall-E

Wall E., a robot, is the only creature on planet Earth. he has been here for some 400 years. He spends his time tidying up the planet.  Eve is a robot sent to probe Earth. She lightens up Wall E’s world. The duo fall for each other and  set out on a  journey to explore the universe.


25. Your Name 

Your Name is about two teenagers exchanging body and life each-other. They have a unique connection. However, they’ve never met in person. Watch the film to know  what happens when they decide to meet.

Have we missed any of your favorites in this list of the best animated movies of all time? Do let us know in the comments below and we will include it in this list.

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