20 Best Dance Quotes That Will Inspire Every Dancer


One of the earliest art forms of the world, Dance comes as naturally to humans as speaking, walking and thinking. Civilizations across centuries have celebrated, innovated and indulged in the art of dance. It is believed to be one of the best forms of expression that could tell a story, be a form of worship to the Gods, depict a centralized theme, be erotic in nature or simply help one feel the freedom of their minds and spirit. Dance quotes by performing artists across the world and some of the most notable dancers across the world beautifully summarize what dancing means and how it is one of the purest forms of expression.

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We bring you some of the best dance quotes.

1. Dance is more about passion than technique

2. Dance like it’s the final time you are dancing. 

3. Walking is just the job, Dancing is the art of the feet

4. So go on and Dance

5. You were wild. And you should always stay so…

6. Dancing is the luxury of being yourself. 

7. Poetry of the foot

8. Dance is little insanity

9. Dance lives on. 

10. Dance before you think


11. Dance is dreaming with your feet. 

12. Athletes of God

13. Dance and Music are the truest expressions

14. Dancing is like falling in love

15. Find yourself and lose yourself with Dance

16. Dance for yourself. Period.

17. Dancing is like watching our hearts speak! 

18. Dancing is shortcut to happiness. 

19. Dancers can fly without wings! 

20. I Just Dance.

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Which of these Dance quotes is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below!

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