15 Best English Songs for Instagram Stories with Friends

Friends are like a rainbow amidst our clouds, providing shade on a scorching summer day! Undoubtedly, you must have captured tons of photos and videos with them during trips, get-togethers, karaoke sessions, or long vacations. You can make those memories even more special by sharing them on Instagram along with a catchy friendship song. Expressing your love for your besties not only makes them feel special but also attracts numerous views and likes to your post. Here, we have compiled the 15 best English songs for Instagram stories with friends.

1. I Will Always Love You | Whitney Houston

I will always love you is a song about love and drama and fearless friendship. Now, are your friends like that? If the answer is a resounding yes then go put that song on your next Insta reel!

2. Best Friend | Brandy

Who wouldn’t want a melodious song dedicated to them as a surprise? Yup, whether it be your BFFs birthday, friendship day, or no reason at all this song is the best choice for your Instagram friends reel.

3. Best Friend | Saweeti (Feat. Doja Cat)

If you want to channel your inner Doja Cat and Saweeti with your bestie- go make a dance reel with friends on this song.

4. I’ll Be There For You | The Rembrandts

Some of the jokes from the show ‘Friends’ didn’t age well with time, but the title track of the show sung by The Rembrandts is a forever friends anthem!

5. What About Your Friends | TLC

Dedicate this song on your Instagram story to those friends who grew in life a lot but did not grow out of your friendship- they are pure goals!

6. I am only Me When I’m With You | Taylor Swift

This song by Taylor Swift is a sappy Instagram reel song that you can post whenever you miss your best buddy and make them remind it!

7. Good As Hell | Lizzo

For the bestie who needs a reminder of how strong they are- put this on your IG story.

8. Count On Me | Bruno Mars

Put this song on as a background track for those Instagram reels that are for your ride-or-die friends.

9. Anytime You Need A Friend | Mariah Carey

This classic song by Mariah Carey is perfect for a day when you want to post a nostalgic IG story or reel with your BFFs.

10. Hey Girl | Lady Gaga and Florence Welch

All those girl gangs out there have this great song as an option to go along with their selfies and reels to post on Instagram.

11. Burn This City | Cartel

When in doubt, go out with your friends and make the most out of it then make an Instagram story and get many likes on it!

12. We R Who We R | Kesha

You can post a reel or story on Instagram with your friends and make it a jamming session by adding this song as a soundtrack to it!

13. No New Friends | DJ Khaled

When you have those friends who are there for life, you don’t need to make new friends, just make a reel on this song with them!

14. Umbrella | Rihanna

“When the sun shines, we’ll shine together” These lyrics of the song will be perfect to dedicate it along with the reels made with your friends.

15. Always Be Together | Little Mix

Wherever your squad is- in the same city or maybe at a faraway place this song is a reminder- you’ll always be together.

So, these were the 15 best English songs for Instagram stories with friends, which one have you selected to show the world your friendship goals? Tell us your top picks from the list in the comments section below.

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