12 Best Episodes of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai!

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is among the longest-running Indian sitcoms that has garnered a huge fan following over the years. Be it Angoori’s ignorant ‘Kya bole?’ or Vibhuti and Manmohan’s antiques to woo the wives of their neighbors- the show gives us nonstop laughter therapy! It started airing in March 2015 and ever since that day the show has enjoyed a very high TRP and the show’s characters are known by almost all households in India. With a long list of episodes- it is difficult to choose the best ones right? We are here to help! We have compiled a list of the 12 best episodes of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai so that you can just watch them online whenever you feel like rewatching the best moments of the show.

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1. Kanpur’s Best Married Couples | Episode 1157

Kanpur’s best married couples are fighting against each other and our favorite jodis Anita-Vibhuti and Manmohan-Angoori are also up against each other. Who do you think is going to win?

2. Vibhuti becoming the Vigilante Baahubali |Episode 264-265|

Vibhuti is in the mood to impress Anita by becoming the infamous goon Baahubali. However, his innocent act inside can either turn against him or work in his favor.

3. Raksha Bandhan Ka Tyohaar |Episode 130 – 132|

From Manmohan faking a heart attack to Vibhuti hiding behind a couch- they are ready to go to any lengths to stay from the ‘Rakhi’ fever and fear the two Bhabhis tying rakhi on their wrists.

4. Maut Ki Haveli: The Horror Story |Episode 647 – 651|

A haveli full of horrors, past hauntings a lot of horror and comedy is waiting for the Modern colony residents in the Chandangad Palace. Watch them explore the horrors with a lot of laughter in these funny episodes!

5. Mata Ka Jagran |Episode 166 – 167|

Vibhuti arranges a fake prayer when Anita wishes for a prayer. On the other hand, Manmohan learns how a couple stays together when they attend the Jagran together- he has all hopes to attend the prayer with Anita!

6. A Convict on Loose |Episode 160 – 162|

A normal day for the Tiwari turns upside down when a convicted criminal on the run, Chuttan- comes and hides inside their house. Now, while Happu Singh has his job at stake, Angoori seems frightened- what happens at the end?

7. Vibhuti Turns Deaf |Episode 132 – 135|

Vibhuti wants to spend some more time with Angoori and also wants to know what people talk about him behind his back. So, he plays the trick of acting deaf in front of naive Angoori Bhabhi and all the other colony residents.

8. Monsoon Arriving in Kanpur |Episode 100 – 103|

This episode shows a lot of fights, rain dances, pakode-bhajiye, and whatever spicy puns, comedy, and romance you would expect from this show!

9. Curfew on Anita’s Birthday |Episode 397 – 401|

The entire colony is invited on Anita’s birthday. But, all her excitement goes down the drain when a curfew is announced in Kanpur and nobody shows up at the party.

10. Sunny Leone in Kanpur’s Modern Colony |Episode 417 – 421|

Sunny Leonne visits Kanpur and crosses paths with a jobless Vibhuti who impresses her with his acting skills. Now Vibhuti is cast in a main role against Sunny Leonne and every man in Kanpur is going gaga over Sunny!

11. Kanpur To Goa |Episode 787 – 791|

Uncle John Abraham of Vibhu asks him and his wife Anita to come visit Goa and remarry. This turns into a ‘Modern Colony’ vacation when everyone overhears someone talking about the plan and the whole thing is a messy affair now!

12. BST – Bhabi Savidhnya Tax |Episode 1317-1321|

The local Mantriji of the town declares a tax on talking with a sister-in-law or bhabhi ji anywhere in the city! That is a big trouble now for Vibhuti, Manmohan, Tika, Malkhan, Happu Singh, and all the other men of the town.

Which episode from the above list of the Best episodes of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai did you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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