10 Funniest TMKOC Episodes To Re-watch for a Good Laugh


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is a comedy show that started in 2008 and has been running for more than two decades. It has created a special space in almost every household in India with its relatable and humorous take on the difficulties faced by the residents of Gokuldham Society in Mumbai. This show has mass appeal because of its comic timing, relatable characters, and comforting storyline, which depict the struggles that many of us also face in our everyday lives. Some episodes are top favorites among viewers, and we rewatch them to experience a high dose of laughter and increase our endorphin levels! So, let’s check out the 10 Funniest TMKOC Episodes that we love watching again and again.

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1. When Champaklal Decides to get Tapu married

This is a hysterical storyline that shows Champaklal adamantly getting a 10-year-old Tapu married. Though, this week-long story turns out to be a dream sequence in the end. Phew!

2. Jethalal Returns From London

Jethalal travels to ‘Phoren’ London and everyone in the society, especially Daya Bhabhi (his wife) is anticipating his return. This episode and a few episodes following it show the London-returned- ‘spiked-hair’ Jetha making us laugh with his newly learned English mannerisms and hairstyle!

3. Bhootni Episodes

The Bhootni episodes got so much viewership that the episodes were extended to keep airing the storyline. These episodes were filled with horror, mystery, comedy, and a surprise reveal at the end!

4. The Water Problem in Gokuldham Society

This water-tanker fiasco could make anybody ROFL due to the chaos the Gokuldham residents create when they face water shortage and had to line up to fill water from the tanker.

5. Jethalal Bhaang Fiasco During Mahashivratri

Jethalal is that character who often claims that his life is incomplete without worries that appear in his life out of nowhere! This interesting episode shows a high-on bhang Jethalal who is blabbering and spilling some beans that his ‘fire-brigade’ Taarak Mehta is trying to collect and save him from an embarrassing situation.


6. Ekmev Secretary Bhide gets a Whistle Stuck in His Throat

This is considered one of the funniest episodes with the always-disciplined Bhide continuously whistling whenever he tries speaking because a whistle gets stuck in his throat!

7. Champak Chacha’s Entry into Gokuldham

The ever-so-scolding Champak Chacha whose antics and his camaraderie with his son often crack us up. But do you know that Champak Chacha’s entry into the Gokuldham society was no less than a festival? In this episode you could see Daya Bhabhi ready with an ‘Aarti ki Thali’ and the whole society too is excited to meet the eldest member of the society.

8. The Arrival of Sheru in Society

Sheru was a lost dog that came inside the Gokuldham society and after much discussion, they decided to adopt him. However, they were not aware that Jethalal and his father Champaklal had a fear of dogs- the rest is nothing less than a barrel of laughs.

9. Taarak Mehta’s Rumored Affair 

Taarak Mehta- the most sensible member of the society turns out to be having an affair behind his wife Anjali’s back. This storyline shocked many of us but it ended on a sweet note and made us all cry happy tears!

10. The Broken Horse Statue Blunder

There are many misunderstandings that keep happening in Gokuldham but this one deserves a mention! This episode and the ones following it shows how each family in the society accidentally ends up breaking the same statue!

So these were some of the funniest TMKOC episodes for you. Tell us your preferred episodes that you love rewatching again and again.


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