10 Best Episodes of Big Bang Theory That Will Leave You In Stitches

Big Bang Theory narrates the tale of geeky friends- Howard, Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard teaming up with equally geeky Amy, and joyful Penny – to create an amusing friend circle who live in their own ‘logical world’ and never cease to impress us! If you have watched the whole show- you must have already decided which are the best episodes of Big Bang Theory. No? Okay, we will help you locate them so that you can re-watch them whenever you want- just open Netflix and click on these episodes.

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One of the most popular shows of the 2010s and the winner of many Emmy Awards- this sitcom is already a classic that will remain timeless and a favorite of the coming generations (just like Freinds). Now, do you which episodes are liked by a majority of audiences? Well, it is difficult to guess- but we have compiled the 10 best episodes of Big Bang Theory that will surely erupt laughter wherever they are watched.

1. ‘The Scavenger Vortex’ | Season 7, Episode 3 (2013)

This episode sees Raj trying to involve all his friends in an intellectual scavenger hunt. Divided into two teams, everyone gives their best performance and uses logic to solve and win the game! This hilarious episode also involves many rare bonds like that of Amy and Howard, while also showing the hidden killer and competitive side of Bernadette. This episode brings out more sides of everyone’s eccentric personalities and makes us laugh harder.

2. ‘The Justice League Recombination’ | Season 4, Episode 11 (2010)

This episode is an extremely exciting one where the whole Big Bang team gears up for a Justice League costume contest. The episode shows Penny’s new boyfriend Zack being helpful in this contest by taking the place of Leonard and upping their chance of winning the contest.

3. ‘The Adhesive Duck Deficiency’ | Season 3, Episode 8 (2009)

Leonard, Raj, and Howard pack things up to go on a trip and watch a meteor shower. On the other hand, Sheldon stays at home to complete his papers. But both their plans become unsuccessful as three guys get stoned, and Penny slips in the bathroom- a totally chaotic episode!

4. ‘The Opening Night Excitation’ | Season 9, Episode 11 (2015)

Sheldon and Amy have a very unusual and amusing relationship. This episode finally shows them spending a night together and losing their virginity after taking slow steps throughout all the previous episodes. This episode shows how love and geek culture can easily survive together without any prejudices bogging them down. Sheldon also gives up a show ticket with his friends, to celebrate Amy’s birthday.

5. ‘The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis’ | Season 3, Episode 11 (2008)

This Christmas special episode shows another Christmas full of fun and laughter. Leonard is upset when his handsome and suave colleague starts dating Penny. Also, Sheldon has irked everyone by retelling everyone and tiring them with his obsession with ‘etiquettes of gift-giving’. This is considered by many viewers as one of the best episodes of not just 3rd season but of the entire series. So, don’t miss this one at any cost!

6. ‘The Robotic Manipulation’ | Season 4, Episode 1 (2010)

This funny episode is the starting point of Sheldon and Amy’s love story where Penny accompanies them on their date! Meanwhile, Howard uses a new robotic arm and embarrasses himself by using it weirdly and hurting himself- he ends up in the Hospital ER.

7. ‘The Barbarian Sublimation’ | Season 2, Episode 3 (2008)

This episode is refreshing and funny in its own way when Penny, pain-stricken with her failing acting career, teams up with Sheldon and plays geeky video games. Her trainwreck is such that she is stopping for no one! Penny is playing without a break- downing Red Bulls, chewing on Cheetos, and winning without giving anyone a chance. This episode has shown a new side of Penny that no one knew could ever even exist!

8. ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ | Season 12, Episode 24 (2019)

When Sheldon and Amy are invited to Scandinavia to receive the Nobel Peace Prize- the whole gang tags along with them! But, apart from Sheldon and Amy, others are facing anxiety and nervousness too because of their own reasons- Leonard and Penny are pregnant, Bernadette and Howard are worrying about leaving their child alone, and Raj is anxious about separating from his pet Cinnamon.

9. ‘The Hawking Excitation’ | Season 5 Episode 21 (2012)

The Hawking Excitation episode revolves around Sheldon going berserk to try and find a way to meet his idol- Stephen Hawking. When Howard gets a chance to meet Professor Hawking, Sheldon seems extremely excited and tries every which way to convince him and get a chance to meet the legendary scientist Stephen Hawking- what is more surprising is the cameo role of Stephen Hawking in the show!

10. ‘The Staircase Implementation’ | Season 3, Episode 22 (2010)

This episode is all about reminiscing the old and funny ‘elevator story’ while also narrating how Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj met for the first time. Sounds exciting right? Well, it is equally hilarious! Leonard tells Penny that he came to live with Sheldon as a roommate 7 years ago- and it was all the more difficult to adjust to his bizarre ways at that time.

So, which one of the above 10 Best episodes of Big Bang Theory did you like the most? Also, tell us who is your favorite geeky character from the show!

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