12 Best Hindi Web Series on Gangsters & Gangs You Must Watch


Indian web series and OTT content have given us some of the best genres of entertainment. The variety of content on these platforms ranges from romantic comedies, thrillers, horrors, and even some really cool gangster genre web series. The writing of these gangster-type web series is not just boring old kidnapping and murdering. They have gangsters with whom you might fall in love with. Showing the grey side of these characters adds a lot more thrill and the story becomes engaging. Let us have a look at some of the best Hindi web series on Gangsters.

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1. Guns and Gulaabs | Netflix

A very recent addition to the gangster genre is Guns and Gulaabs, a Rajkumar Rao web series. The series is set on the backdrop of the 90s in an imaginary town called Gulaabgunj that looks like any other small town in India. The plot takes the turn of dark humor while the characters are stuck in the illegal opium business. The story is refreshing and the dialogues are exceptional. You are in for a treat with this.

2. Khakee | Netflix

Khakee series is a story of a police officer and his team trying to remove crime from a village in Bihar and all the obstacles they face in the journey. This might sound something not very new but what makes it unique is the grappling screenplay, powerful dialogues, and the way the story unfolds. Not to forget the amazing performance by the lead cast.

3. Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo | Disney+Hotstar

A sort of quirky storyline where a mother-in-law runs a drug Cartel in Rajasthan with her daughter-in-law and daughter. Her sons are oblivious to this fact and they continue their illegal business in secrecy. The dynamics are very interesting and pulling something so different requires good screenplay and dialogues; this web series has those. An entertaining watch!

4. Rangbaaz | Zee5

The best part of this web series is it does not have any dull moments. There is a continuity and pace maintained in the show. A show that makes you fall in love with the gangster for whom you want a better ending despite knowing the fate of gangsters.

5. Mirzapur| Amazon Prime

A show where the gangster is more popular than the good guys and people actually root for the gangster. Kaleen bhaiya aka Pankaj Tripathi is the heart of the show. Performances by literally everyone is top-notch. A family feud, gang wars, illegal business cartels, a throne desired by all, and lots of betrayal- this is an entertainer!

Release date of Mirzapur Season 3

6. Inspector Avinash | JioCinema

Inspector Avinash is a skillfully crafted and enjoyable crime thriller. A talented police officer who only solves high-profile cases as UP Special Task Force Officer. The story revolves around how he tries to get rid of crimes in the state. A brilliantly written and meticulously executed story, this series is a must-watch.


7. Country Mafia | Zee5

A show that starts off as a revenge saga where a brother-sister duo goes out to exact revenge for their mother but soon the story shifts its narrative to the ugly political system in the heartland of India. The story is set in the backdrop of Bihar and has all the tropes of a mafia show. It is a dark and gritty show, a perfect fit for the gangster genre.

8. Aarya | Disney+Hotstar

A revenge saga that starts off with a happy family broken when the husband is murdered. A simpleton wife turns to her dark side to catch the culprit and also protect her child. But there are secrets hidden that she should have never known. The gripping storyline and the amazing performances keep you hooked to this show. Sushmita Sen’s one of the best performances till date.

9. Bhaukaal | MXPLAYER

Another tale of a police officer who is dead set on removing crime from his state and he wants to do this single-handedly. Of course, the warlords are against him and the show is all about the struggle he faces while trying to achieve his vision. This is one of the best Hindi web series on gangsters.

10. Sacred Games | Netflix

Ganesh Gaitonde became a household name after this show. A unique storyline where a police officer tries to save the city from doomsday because of the fanatic intentions of a gangster. As the show unveils the life of Gaitonde, we do not whether to love him or hate him but we surely are hooked to his story. A race against time, this show makes you binge-watch it.

11. Dharavi Bank | MXPLAYER

As the name suggests, the show is set up in the slums of Dharavi where a gangster has a firm grip on the people of that area because of his wealth and power. He poses a threat to another authority figure, the CM of Mumbai who wants to eliminate him with the help of the Joint Commissioner of Police. What follows is a struggle between the two parties to eliminate each other.

12. CAT | Netflix

A police informant who infiltrates a major drug empire in Punjab to gather information is forced to face his own evils during the process. What follows a plot filled with revelations and twists during this whole saga. The show is gripping enough to keep you hooked.

This was our take on the best Hindi web series on gangsters. Let us know your favourite in the comment section.

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