35 Best Hollywood Action Movies You Should Watch Right Now

Hollywood action movies date back to the 1920s. The earliest films of the genre were called ”swashbuckler” films: The action scenes were fought with swords and had an adventurous storyline. In contrast, the contemporary action films use the latest  technology and CGI to give us action films that range from sub-genre of crime to fiction.

Let us look at some of the best Hollywood action films that you must watch right away.

1. Captain America – Civil War 

Captain America centres around the World War 2 days. Steve Rogers is turned into a super-soldier in an experiment conducted by the American government. He must fight the secret Nazi organisation called HYDRA.

2. Wonder Woman 

Warrior Princess Diana of an all women tribe in Amazon steps into the world of men: To stop the god of war, Ares, from destroying  mankind.Thereby, realising her true powers and destiny.

3. John Wick

John Wick, a professional assassin, retires from the world of crime after marrying the love of his life. But, is it  that easy for him to walk out of the world of crime? Watch the film and find out.

4. Seven Samurai

A village seeks protection from bandits who attack the village time and again. A Samurai comes to their rescue and helps them in exchange of food and shelter. He gathers six more Samurais to accomplish the task. This film is one of the best Hollywood action movies and you must watch it ASAP.

5. Iron Man Series 

Tony Stark  is an industrialist and an inventor. He has been captured by the evil forces. Once, he gets out of their clutches he builds an armoured suit powered by technology to fight the evil.

6. Wolverine Trilogy

Logan and his girlfriend Kyla live a happy life, until his past comes to haunt him. The century old wolverine is pushed to the limits when’s girlfriend is killed and vows vengeance .

7. Troy 

A love affair between the Prince of Troy and the Queen of Sparta turns out to be eventful for both kingdom.  King Menelaus’s brother uses it as an excuse to wage a war against Troy.


8. Avenger Series 

S.H.E.I.L.D. is recruiting superheroes to protect Earth  and mankind from unforeseen dangers. The superheroes are Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawk-eye.

9. The Dark Knight 

A psychopathic criminal Joker  goes about destroying the lives, livelihoods and cityscapes of Gotham. He’s posing a challenge for the crime department and Batman as he brings the city to a standstill.  Watch  Batman trying to get a grip on the reigns of crime in Gotham, and an untameable Joker scheming and plotting new ways for criminals to operate. This epic tale of good versus evil is indeed one of the best Hollywood action movies of contemporary cinema.

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10. 300

The film is based on the ancient battle of Thermopylae, wherein some 300 Spartans fight the mighty  Persian army of more than 300,000 soldiers. With jaw dropping action, performances and battle sequences, 300 is one of the best Hollywood action movies of recent times.

11. Jaws

Jaws is an epic battle of man vs. wild wherein three scientist are on a  mission to capture a killer shark. In enthralling watch, the film will keep your heart-rate high until the very end.

12. Braveheart 

Braveheart is the story of a Scottish rebel who is on a mission to avenge the murder of his newly wedded-wife. He and his men battle King Edward of England, who was responsible for the murder.

13. Jurassic Park

A team of palaeontologist and a mathematician visit a park full of cloned dinosaurs. They are assured of their safety by the owner of the park John Hammond. However, a glitch in the security system of the park puts their lives in danger.

14. Mad Max Series 

Mad Max series are one of the best live action films that the world cinema has ever witnessed. The series follows the story of Max Rockatansky a police officer of dystopian Australian society.

15. Avatar 

James Cameron’s Avatar broke all box-office records when it was released in 2009. The film is known for its visually rich storytelling  techniques: the use of CGI, latest animations and  the use of 3D. Although it is a simple story about a group of aliens and their constant clash with the humans, it  really is an intellectually immersive experience.

16. The Matrix 

A computer programmer faces one of the most bizarre case. He has to fight a set of computers who’ve created his virtual avatar using a system of Matrix.

17. Independence Day 

Independence Day talks about alien attacks on major cities of Earth. A team of unlikely group of individuals come together to save the day.

18. Indiana Jones – Series 

Indiana Jones series is an American franchise based on a fictional archaeology professor, Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones. Jr. The first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark was made in 1981 and the latest one is scheduled to be released in 2022! You might as well catch up with the series so far, before 2022!

19. Stallone 

A former US  soldier and Vietnam war veteran John Rambo lands into trouble when he wanders off into a small town. A minute incident with the local sheriff triggers his violent streak.

20. Inception

Dom Cobb is a corporate hot-shot: thief. He makes his living by stealing crucial information from  a person’s subconscious and selling it to the rival.  He lands upon a deal wherein his criminal history would be erased after completion of a task. But, is the task easy? Watch the totally unpredictable story as it is one of the best Hollywood action movies that you’ll come across, ever.

21. Predator Series

The series is built upon theme of humankind versus hostile  extraterrestrial beings called Predators in different location and time-zones. The  film had three sequels that were equally captivating and full of action sequence.

22. Kill Bill

A female assassin code named The Bride, wakes up from coma after four years. She unleashes terror on everyone, including her ex-boss Bill, who contributed to her misery: loss of her unborn child, wedding that did not get through and her being into coma for four years.

23. Once Upon A Time In The West 

The film showcases  conflicts that took place in the fictional town of Old West. The land around the Flagstone has the only source of water in the region and hence, the railroad tycoon Morton wants it. He hires goons to scare away the land-owner but his plan backfires.

24. Star Wars Series 

The Star Wars series is centred around the “Skywalker saga” trilogy. It consists of a series of 9 films wherein Princess Leia is held captive by the imperial forces to suppress the revolt against the Galactic Empire.Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and droid duo duo come to her rescue as they face Darth Vader and allies.

25. The Bourne Identity 

A man with a bullet -ridden body  is saved by strangers.  He has no recollection of his past, only extra-ordinary combat skills. Watch his eventful journey as he tries to find out who he really is!

26. Taken 

Bryan Mills is an ex- secret service agent. Human traffickers kidnap his daughter in Paris. Watch Bryan use all his tactical and combat skill to save his daughter.

27. Saving Private Ryan 

Finding an iota of humanity in something totally inhumane as war, this is what the film is about.  During World War 2, Captain Miller is assigned the task of saving Private Ryan’s life.

28. Apocalypse Now 

Captain Willard is on a mission to assassinate Colonel Kurtz. Kurtz now has gone berserk and found the trust of tribals in Vietnam, making things difficult for the American government.

29. Aliens 

Aliens is a 1986 Sci-fi film by James Cameron. The film follows Ellen Ripley’s journey to the Moon, where she and her crew had earlier faced a hostile alien who slaughtered everyone else. The film is a perfect blend of sci-fi, action and horror.

30. James Bond Series 

James Bond series spans across five decades of filmmaking. The franchise has rolled out 24 films so far and has seen six top-notch actors in the lead role. You can watch it in sequence or randomly . We bet you’ll love it in parts and holistically, too.

31. Gladiator 

Commudus, the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius takes over the reign of his kingdom. He ruins  the life of Aurelius’s most able general by killing his family and demoting him  into  a rank of Gladiator.

32. Mission: Impossible Series 

It is a series of action spy films. The films are produced by Tom Cruise, who  also happens to play the role of the protagonist, spy  Ethan Hunt.

33. Lethal Weapon

Police Detective Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh are about to crack a huge drug -trafficking ring. However, temperamental Riggs must keep his cool for the plan to fall in place.

34. Terminator Series 

It is a series of sci-fi action films  that deal with the battles of synthetic intelligent machine network and resistance force with the rest of humanity. Sounds scary, right? Go watch the film and put your thoughts to rest!

35. Fast & Furious Series 

Fast and Furious series  revolve around the themes of illegal racing, spies and heist.  If you’re into sports cars, action films and Paul Walker then Fast and Furious is a film, especially made for you!

Any of your favorite Hollywood Action movies missing from this list? Do comments below and we will add it to this article!

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