10 Best Horror Korean Movies on Netflix That are Gruesome

Our natural reaction to a terrifying situation is to arm ourselves for either forcible resistance or escape. Because of this, a lot of individuals, including myself, enjoy the adrenaline of being afraid. The fight-or-flight reaction can be triggered by the feelings of horror, dread, and uncertainty. Korean horror is renowned for taking an innovative stance on the horror genre. Let’s see some of the best horror Korean movies on Netflix.


1. A Tale of Two Sisters

‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ is a 2003 South Korean psychological horror-drama film that Kim Jee-woon wrote and directed. The movie draws its inspiration from the Joseon Dynasty folktale Janghwa Hongryeon Jeon. It has been filmed numerous times. The story revolves around a discharged mental hospital patient. Upon returning home with her sister, encounters unsettling incidents involving her stepmother. There are ghosts that haunt their home. One of the highest-grossing Korean horror films is also one of the best Korean horror movies on Netflix. 

2. Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis literally means transforming completely into one form or another. Kim Hong-Seon uses shape-shifting devils, yet he never transforms the familiar into the unfamiliar. One family is under the influence of an evil spirit that can assume several identities. Putting one brother in danger while the other seeks to save him. It takes a while to get going, is a little daffier than anticipated, and gets less coherent as each scene goes by while trying to write its own rulebook. 

3. Hansel and Gretel

Unknown to himself, a young man wanders off into the woods. He comes across a lovely home with three charming kids. The location appears too lovely to be real and is tough to leave, with a cozy fireplace and lots to eat. Based upon the novel, the drama, thriller, and dark fantasy are mixed together in this emotionally intense novel to set the scene. You will become completely engrossed in the characters’ suffering because they are compelling. 

4. The Wrath

The Wrath tells the tale of a courtesan spirit. After being brutally murdered, vows to get retribution on the family of a prominent Joseon official. A catastrophe strikes a family of three sons who all pass away on their wedding day. The drama pits two Joseon women against one another and is set during the Joseon Era. The Wrath was a remake of the Korean horror classic of the same name, thus anticipation was at an all-time high. 

5. I Saw the Devil

Despite the stark realism of the film, it offers a glimpse of the depth of craziness that all men are capable of. A 2010 action film, by Kim Jee Won, centers around a NIS agent Kim Soo-Hyun, who vows to exact revenge on serial killer Jang Kyung-Chul after his fiancée is brutally murdered. 

6. The Wailing

Written and Directed by Na Hong Jin, ‘The Wailing’ features many terrifying situations and enigmatic characters. The director has combined all of the supernatural components of the film, including exorcism, mythology, and curses. Gokseong, a strange Japanese man, is the focus of the film. After his arrival, the residents of a small mountain community began contracting the disease and brutally murdering their families. The movie was a box office and critical hit.

7. Peninsula

Set in 2020, produced by Yeon Sang Ho, ‘Peninsula’ is a sequel to the 2016 film ‘Train to Busan’. A former soldier is deployed along with a squad to recover a truck full of cash from the wastelands of the Korean peninsula. Now populated by zombies, rogue militia, and a family in a standalone sequel. People on the Korean peninsula, who have survived the devastation of the “Train to Busan” movie, the battle for survival.

8. The 8th Night

An exorcist struggles until he confronts a demon set loose. The battle to prevent the demon’s revival started in the night between the real and the unreal. The movie shows the struggle of a former exorcist trying to thwart the resurrection of two enigmatic creatures. Having tortured humans, they were imprisoned in separate caskets for 2,500 years.

9. The Host

A monster film directed by Bong Joon Ho, revolves around a young girl captivated by a monster and her father’s desperate attempts to save her. The monster serves as a metaphor for Korean rule as well as Western imperialism. It makes sense given that we see a young girl being held captive by the monster. Her family having to free her on their own without the aid of higher authorities.

10. Gonjiam

Based on a real-life psychiatric institution of the same name, ‘Gonjiam’ is a 2018 South Korean horror film. The found footage was helmed by Jung Bum-Shik. The story revolves around a horror web series crew. They visit a deserted asylum for a live broadcast in an effort to increase viewers and publicity. ‘Gonjiam’ was a box office hit in the horror genre after ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ and ‘Phone’

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Why do our brains enjoy watching horror movies? The joy and excitement mixed together is an incredible feeling. Here were our recommendations. Share with us your favorite Korean horror movies on Netflix!

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