10 Best Indian American YouTubers Who Are Famous


Approximately 2.2 million Indian Americans currently reside in the US, constituting a significant portion of the country’s population. It may surprise you to learn that Indians make up the second-largest ethnic group in the US. Indian Americans have also made notable creative contributions to the YouTube community, with many Indian American YouTubers gaining fame for their engaging content. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 popular Indian American YouTubers.

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1. Travelling Desi (2.8 Million subscribers)

Travelling Desi is the YouTube channel of an Indian businessman Mohit Manocha who has posted many travel posts from all around the world including the UK, Europe, and many other regions. He bought a house in Canada and started motorhome travel. Though his base is in Canada, his US travel vlogs have become very famous.

2. Simmi Singh (971K subscribers)

Simmi Singh is an Indian American YouTuber, actress, and comedian who is famous for her comedy vlogs, sketches, pranks, and skits surrounding many everyday topics. She is famous among many Indians residing in America because of her reliability quotient. She is especially famous for the ‘Brown Mom’ series.

3. Jay Shetty (4.7 Million subscribers)

Jay Shetty is a British Indian YouTuber who posts her podcast videos on YouTube. Apart from vlogging and podcasting, he is also an author, life coach, and co-founder of Sama Tea. He often interviews many American celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, and many more.

4. Liza Koshy (17.1 Million subscribers)

Liza Koshy is the most famous Indian American YouTuber with as many as 17.1 million subscribers. She is a YouTuber, actor and comedian. In fact, in 2017, she became the fastest YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers. She was also part of Michelle Obama’s Creator for Change on Girls’ Education- a YouTube Original.

5. Vidya Vox (7.61 million subscribers)

Vidya Vox is also one of the most famous American YouTubers of Indian descent. She is a famous YouTuber and singer. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and immigrated to the US at the age of eight. She rose to fame in 2017 with her song Be Free from her album Kuthu Re.


6. Dhar Mann (18.3 Million subscribers)

Dhar Mann is a popular American entrepreneur, YouTuber, and film producer. He has his own video production company- Dhar Mann Studios, which creates and uploads videos and short films on YouTube. He is an Indian whose parents emigrated from India when he was small. He completed his education at the University of California and has ever since done many profitable businesses.

7. MagicofRahat (7.5 Million subscribers)

Rahat Houssain, also known by his YouTube username MagicofRahat is an Indian American magician, prankster, and vlogger. He uploads many videos of magic tricks and pranks which are liked by many. He has over seven million subscribers and over one billion video views on many of his YouTube videos.

8. Niharika NM (2.51 million subscribers)

Niharika NM was born into a South Indian family who relocated to the US for her college education. Initially, she started creating videos for fun and to take a break from her academic schedule. But her consistent upload of videos got her considerable views. Although her breakthrough video was a short reel  ‘One Way Street It Is, that got her instantly high view count, and after that, there was no looking back for her!

9. Tia Bhatia (1.48K subscribers)

Tia Bhatia is an Indian American, who was raised in New Zealand and is currently residing in Ontario Canada. She is famous for her vlogs related to her everyday life. Recently, a Hollywood documentary film was made on her dad Nav Bhatia. Her interesting life anecdotes related to her and her family are liked and watched by many.

10. LifeofPrie (645K subscribers)

LifeofPrie is an Indian American who shifted to the US sometime back and narrates how the life of an Indian emigrate takes place and how they adjust to life in America. Her vlogs are also very interesting and many Indians living in America as well as India like watching how her life unfolds there.

This is a good way to get to know the different types of content that so many Indian American YouTubers are presenting and shining through because of their talent!

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