15 Best Indian Horror Web Series To Stream Right Now

Horror films, according to evolutionary psychologists, tap into our basic concerns of contamination and being devoured, which explains the popularity of ghost movies and shows. Horror films effectively provide a secure environment for us to mentally practise dealing with age-old threats. Surprisingly, the more negative emotions a person claims to feel while watching a horror film, the more likely they are to appreciate the genre. Are you a horror fan as well? We’ve got a list of the best Indian horror web series available on the internet! Wish you a scary watch!

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1. Parchhayee
There will be no escape the chills this winter, as the ZEE5 Original ‘Parchhayee’ is ready to bring the most horrific horror tales of legendary novelist Ruskin Bond to life.

2. Gehraiyaan
After a fatal outcome a year ago, a surgeon wishes to return to her job. However, she is tormented by strange paranormal phenomena that occur around her. Is it something from her past? Was she going to be able to get what she wanted?

3. Bhram
Alisha Khanna’s life is turned upside down by a vehicle accident. The bestselling romance author relocates to Shimla to live with her sister in order to restart her life. She does, however, begin to get glimpses of a girl. She dismisses it at first as hallucinations caused by her PTSD. She learns, however, that the girl died 20 years ago. Under the guise of researching a book, she begins an investigation into the matter and uncovers startling information that would normally go unnoticed. Things point to a few notable persons in the area, but they all die out one by one. Alisha is completely unaware that she has put her own life in jeopardy. How far will one lady go to bring a murdered girl’s killer to justice?

4. Typewriter
When a new family comes in, the home’s buried past resurfaces in disturbing ways, prompting three teenage friends in Goa to search for ghosts in an old villa.

5. Ghoul
A mystery prisoner is transferred to a distant military interrogation camp in a totalitarian near-future India, where he turns the tables on his captors by disclosing their most humiliating secrets and releasing a demon from Arabic folklore.

6. Tantra
Tantra tells the story of a family who has been enslaved by an evil incantation. The Khannas are a wealthy family that move into their ideal mansion, Jalsa, only to become victims of the terrible tantra practise. The opponent is the House itself, whose eerie effects render it uninhabitable and a nightmare for those who dwell there. Niyati, the Khanna family’s heroic daughter, emerges as the one who can combat evil and safeguard her family from witchcraft.

7 Ragini MMS Returns
Season 1: Simran (Riya Sen) and Ragini are the central characters in the plot (Karishma Sharma). The weird ghost they see at an abandoned college is at the centre of this tale. What awaits the two in their quest to combat the weird energy that surrounds them is hidden behind the sensational MMS CD, which contains intriguing puzzles and terrible truths to unravel.

Season 2: Meena, a paranormal investigator from Canada, arrives in India. She pays a visit to the Victoria Villa, which is supposed to be haunted by Captain Burns’ spirit. The ghost assassinates Meena and her boyfriend, Rajeev. Ragini and her friends plan to commemorate their friend’s Bachelorette party in the Victoria Villa eleven years later!

8. The Cottage
What happens when “Saisha” asks “Jason” for a ride on a dark, spooky night? They soon find themselves in a ghostly cottage. What was the location’s secret, and why were Saisha and Jason there? The sleepless nights that this will give you warrant its presence in our list of the best Indian horror web series.

9. Simran The Lost Soul
Five buddies set out on a vacation to Rudrapur, stopping at Rudra Fort along the way. Simran, an ambitious architect, falls in love with the fort’s design and later opens a locked entrance, turning her entire group’s fate upside down.

10. The Last Night

A husband’s strange history leads his happy family to a hell home, the soul’s revenge arena. A soul that has been screwed up in the name of love has entwined the family’s present with its history. The Final Night is the story of a wife who is willing to fight anybody or anything in order to save her family, and she is matched against this soul. It remains to be seen whether the wife or the soul will triumph. This is a gloomy, terrifying narrative that will put you in a blue mood.

11. Ghost Leela
This is a story about a girl who has feelings for a man who does not exist. Suzanne’s friend Arjun has a secret crush on her, but she is all over heels in love with Leon, who died a few years ago. Margaret was planning to kill her because he believes that by sacrificing a human, he will live longer. Margaret intends to assassinate Suzanne. Will Suzanne have the opportunity to meet Leon? Is Arjun capable of rescuing Suzanne?

12. Darr Sabko Lagta Hai
The series is supernatural fiction, with each installment focusing on a new facet of paranormal activity, such as ghosts, zombies, phantoms, possessed objects, witches, and wizards.

13. Farmhouse
There’s something about horror movies and cemeteries that appeals to me. This online series follows a cop who is fresh out of rehab and accepts a shift at a hospital’s graveyard morgue. The cop witnesses a series of hush-hush, violent, dark, and unusual happenings, all of which are caused by an evil spirit in the area.

14. Shaitaan Haveli
This eight-episode throwback horror web series has one season. A B-grade horror director chooses to shoot a film in an old haveli. They realise the haveli is haunted after unusual events and occurrences. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat and contain numerous frightening scenes.

15. Flip
Flip is a collection of four short stories, each of which tells the story of one or more events that produce a complete 180-degree shift in the characters, situations, or perspectives depicted in the story.

This was our list of the best Indian horror web series. Do you think we missed out on something? Let us know in the comments.

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