The Best Indian Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now

You can always rely on the internet for the perfect podcast for your mood, from crime to fashion, from film to music, there is several for every specific genre from so many different countries. Indian podcasts are in leagues of their own, though. By adding the distinct desi flavor to every single show, they can keep you hooked on discussions revolving around food to political discourse. Here is our list of recommendations when it comes to the best Indian podcasts, curated carefully to include all the popular genres out there. Read on to find out :


1. On The Contrary

IDR’s On the Contrary is a programme about listening to those who are different from us. Every episode features a dialogue between the presenter and guests as they discuss a topic such as gender, climate change, caste, mental health, and more while offering their varied experiences, viewpoints, and knowledge. Finding a fresh, mutual understanding by encouraging individuals to consider their commonalities and differences is the aim. Every Wednesday, a new episode is released. This podcast is extremely diverse and nails itself as one of the best Indian podcasts available to hear.

2. The Tastes of India

The Tastes of India is a weekly cooking show about tasty Indian recipes that is bilingual and largely in Hindi, hosted by Puja Darshan. This podcast can help you cook without having to sit in front of a computer to view the recipes if you’re a working mom, a busy mom of a finicky eater, a bachelor, or someone just getting started with cooking.

3. The Musafir Stories

The Musafir Stories is an audio programme that chronicles travel experiences in India. Relive each episode’s traveler’s journey as we present it in their own words. The podcast’s main purpose is to motivate listeners to take the plunge, pack their bags, and travel to the stunning and exotic nation of India by sharing the amazing travel experiences the hosts have had there.

4. The Desi Crime Podcast

Hosted by Aryaan Mishra and Aishwarya Singh, The Desi Crime Podcast brings to you stories of what can be best called “desi” crimes, that is tales of crime from different brown communities. The podcast states that it is the home for the Gen Z crime aficionado, with nail biting accounts of hardly documented desi crimes. With thorough research and fun storytelling, this podcast definitely cements itself as one of the best Indian podcasts out there.

5. Maed in India

The top Indian independent musicians from India and overseas are featured on Maed in India, the country’s first independent music podcast, hosted by Mae Thomas. Each episode has an artist or band interview and an exclusive stripped-down performance or acoustic versions of their original songs. The weekly programme takes pleasure in being the go-to place for fresh music, obscure tales, and never-before-heard sounds.

6. Respectfully Disagree

The discussions, or debates, on Respectfully Disagree have centred on subjects related to the four main focal areas indicated above, in a way that draws from the experiences of millennials and GenZ and reflects what the host Srishti refers to as problems they “passionately differ on.” These might range from the more personal to what’s happening in popular culture. It would be remiss to list the best Indian podcasts, and leave out this one, considering its excellence.

7. Indian Noir

A critically acclaimed and number-one podcast, Indian Noir offers suspenseful crime and horror audio stories with Indian characters that are situated in India. The CBC, The Hindu, Times of India, ABC National Radio, Mashable, Reader’s Digest India, Men’s World, Your Story, and other media outlets have all featured Indian Noir.

8. Masala Podcast

The topic of this multi-award winning feminist podcast, hosted by Sangeeta Pillai, for and by South Asian women is cultural taboos. Everything from sex to sexuality to menstruation, porn, mental health, humiliation, and more. Masala Podcast is one of the top feminist podcasts that examines intersectional feminism via a South Asian lens, featuring some of the most powerful South Asian women in the world, and definitely makes for one of the best Indian podcasts if not the best.

9. In Focus By The Hindu

A podcast produced by The Hindu that examines current events in-depth with subject-matter specialists while incorporating context, history, viewpoint, and commentary.

10. The Seen and the Unseen

Amit Varma is the host of the weekly podcast The Seen and the Unseen. The essay’s title, “That which is seen and that which is hidden,” is attributed to Frédéric Bastiat. The Seen and the Unseen began by examining the unexpected effects of government programmes before changing into a deep-dive interview podcast.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts which we thoroughly enjoyed bringing to you, and let yourself engage in discussions regarding societal norms, political questions, crime, fashion and food, all the while not feeling disconnected because of the Indianness of them all !

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