8 Most Awaited Korean Drama Releasing in November 2023

Korean dramas have become infectious worldwide and the wave they are creating (also known as Hallyu) isn’t stopping anytime soon! The level of creativity, cinematography, and characters that Korean dramas have- they are so fresh, interesting, and at times full of fantasy that all of us crave! Want to have a boyfriend with magical powers, a way to time travel and find what happened in the past? Want to have superpowers to save your loved ones? And do all this while also looking cute? That is the Korean drama world for you! And to your utter surprise, some of the best Korean Drama Releasing in November 2023 are already announced and you would love to know about them in advance, right?

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Well, hop on! We have compiled a list of some of the most-awaited and Best Korean Drama Releasing next month. Know about these storylines and genres and pick your favorite ones so that you can mark your calendars in advance.

1. Moon in the Day | November 01 

It is a romance fantasy show starring Kim Young-dae and Pyo Ye-Jin in lead roles- the show is about a celebrity who gets into an accident but is saved by a female firefighter. But he is instead possessed by a nobleman from the Silla period- one who is angry and stuck in time because he was murdered by his wife. The woman, on the other hand, has no memories of her past life and gets stuck in a time loop.

2. Daily Dose of Sunshine | November 03

It is a medical drama starring Park Bo-young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fame) who plays the role of a young nurse Jung Da-Eun. Da-eun is transferred to the psychiatry department and she finds it tricky to treat the patients admitted there. However, over time, she learns a lot from her experiences. It is a heartwarming series with major Korean actors playing lead roles- looks like a cozy series that we must watch!

3. Vigilante | November 08

It is a gripping crime action thriller show that was adopted from a webtoon by the same name. It shows a young man living a dual life. Nam Joo-Hyuk (Startup fame) plays the role of Kim-Jo Young, a man who works as a bright student in the police university on weekdays but punishes those criminals who get released with only minor sentences, on weekends. The show has a dark theme and looks like one that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its run.

4. My Demon | November 24 

A fantasy romance drama series about a demon who has lost his powers as they are transferred to the heiress, and the heiress of a big business who is stuck in a contract marriage with this handsome demon! The show stars some big faces like Song Kang (Nevertheless fame) and Kim Yoo Jung (Backstreet Rookie fame) as the lead pair. This is one of the most awaited shows that are releasing in November 2023. Can’t wait!

5. The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract | November 24 

It is a fantasy romance series about a Confucian woman from the Joseon period whose husband dies on the wedding night and she is thrown inside a well. Miraculously, she wakes up in the twenty-first century and crosses paths with a man who looks exactly like her late husband. Interestingly, both of them enter into a contract marriage- what will happen next? We will know only after we watch this show!

6. A Bloody Lucky Day | November 20 

It is a dark serial killer thriller show about a Taxi driver who wakes up with a dream that indicates fortune. Happy with his luck, he goes on his duty, only to find a customer willing to pay him a hefty amount for dropping him off at a fairway destination. The only glitch is- he is a serial killer on the run and has recently murdered a person. This could be one of those shows that would take away your sleep!

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7. Once Upon A Boyhood | November 24

This coming-of-age student show tells the story of a teenager who is socially reserved and gets bullied often. He gets transferred to a new high school where the same pattern follows until one fine day- when everything changes including his reputation. An unexpected event becomes the turning point of his life and he becomes famous in his new agriculture school. But, what exactly happens? Wait for the show to release!

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8. Goryeo–Khitan War | November 11 

It is a historical drama inspired by real-life events. It shows the brave King Hyeonjong who fights against the Khitans. Whilst, also uniting the Goreyo people to stand as a dynasty and as a people. King does all this with the help of his mentor and commander-in-chief. While most Korean period dramas have an element of fantasy- this one shows a picture close to reality and real events that occurred at that time.

So, which shows have you selected from the above list of Best Korean Drama Releasing in November 2023? Tell us in the comments.

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