Best Malayalam Movies of 2023 on Netflix To Watch on Weekend

Malayalam movies are often recognized because of their incredible stories, fine acting, surprising twists and climax, and all that under a low budget! In 2023, numerous outstanding Malayalam films have been released, marking a remarkable year for the industry.  Netflix, a huge streaming site everyone uses, is like a paradise for people who love movies from all over the world. People who enjoy Malayalam movies can also find them there. Here is a curated list of the ‘Best Malayalam Movies of 2023’ available for streaming on Netflix.

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1. Iratta

Iratta is a police-procedural movie that features Joju George in double roles. It is about a cop who is found dead under mysterious circumstances. A police investigation opens up a lot of hidden facts from the past and the history of two estranged twins. The movie received a lot of praise and a 7.7 IMDb rating! The movie will give you a shock with a quite disturbing twist and leave you impressed with Joju’s acting in double roles.

2. Rekha

It is a thriller drama movie which is directed as well as written by Jithin Isaac Thomas. The movie is about a young girl named Rekha who is in love just like any girl of her age. But, one fateful night turns her into a revenge-seeking girl who has taken the road of violence and the underworld operating in her hometown. The movie has got a good response and is appreciated by the audiences for its brutal but realistic portrayal of the injustice that women have to go through in society. Vincy Aloshious and Unni Lalu’s acting is also lauded by viewers.

3. Ayalvaashi

This comedy-drama directed by Irshad Parari shows the story of two close friends-Thajudeen and Benny who turn foes because of some misunderstanding. Thajudeen’s attempts to fight with Benny and efforts to prove his innocence take a heavy toll on his loved ones. The film received a bag full of mixed reviews, while the melodious song, ‘Chewing Gum’, and the comic timing of Soubin Shahir shined throughout this comedy movie.

4. Thrishanku

Thrishanku is a romantic comedy movie about a couple-Sethu and Megha trying to elope and get married. Though, their plans land in a soup when Sethu’s sister also elopes, and now Sethu has to help his angry uncle find the missing sister, meanwhile also planning to elope himself without getting caught. Though the movie received an average response from the critics as well as the viewers, many uploaded it for its funny scenes and touted it as a fun-filled and light-hearted comedy movie.

So, how many from the above list of Best Malayalam Movies of 2023 on Netflix have you already watched? Tell us if we have missed any great movies of 2023, in the comments.

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