12 Best Malayalam Movies on OTT With Interesting Plots


Mainstream Hindi and English movies have been dominating the OTT scenes for a long time. However, recently in a pursuit to explore newer perspectives, people have been venturing out of their comfort zones to watch movies in an unknown language. And before we move to international films, why not explore the great cultural diversity within the boundaries of our own country? With over 26 official languages, India houses some of the best and most underrated Film industries. Only second to Hindi comes the South Indian Film Industry which again comprises 4 main languages, namely Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Today, look at some of the best Malayalam Movies on OTT that you cannot miss out on.

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1. Night drive

Night Drive is a thriller movie amalgamating the most exciting plots. Directed by Vysakh, the film tells the story of a couple who set out on a night drive but find themselves involved in a set of crimes. With Anna Ben and Roshan Matthew, the movie is an enjoyable one-time watch.

Streaming platform: Netflix 

2. Romancham

In a sea of Ouija movies, if you’re looking for the best one then here it is. With adequate bits of horror as well as comedy, the movie deals with seven friends living together who decide to play Ouija, the terrifying ghost communication game. While it seems fun in the beginning, things take an ugly turn. The setting and the background score of the movie are exceptional and the horror is very well executed without any over-the-top vfx making the movie one of the best Malayalam movies on OTT.

Streaming platform: Disney+ Hotstar

3. Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey

This 2022 movie is not a movie you can miss out on. Jay Jaya Jaya Hey is a drama movie that highlights a sensitive issue in a playful manner. It revolves around a married woman who stands up for herself in her marriage and has to deal with unnecessary comments from her family. The movie takes a dig at patriarchy through satire and dark comedy which prevents the movie from becoming preachy and boring.

Streaming platform: Disney+ Hotstar

4. Hridayam

Hridayam is a coming-of-age romantic movie starring Darshana Rajendran and Pranav Mohanlal as the main leads. The movie tells a simple yet beautiful story and traces the life of Arun as he goes through ups and downs and meets new people. With a special focus on his love life and how it makes him a better person, Hridayam will make you emote in a way that you have never before.

Streaming  platform: Disney+ Hotstar  

5. Drishyam

Before Vijay Salgaonkar came George Kutty, the mastermind of Drishyam. This Malayalam movie completely baffled the audiences with its crisp storyline and its ability to keep them hooked till the very end. It follows George Kutty and his family as one occurrence turns their lives upside down. The original Drishyam is a must-watch Malayalam movie that should be on your watchlist.

Streaming  platform: Disney+ Hotstar

6. Pada

Pada is a gripping portrayal of a real-life occurrence that shook the Indian administration. It narrates the uprisal of a tribal rights group that held a collector hostage as retaliation against a controversial bill. The movie boasts of an excellent cast that carries on their respective roles with perfection. It is an eye-opening movie that depicts the plight of the downtrodden that makes them take such extreme measures

Streaming platform: Prime Video 


7. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum 

Directed by famous Malayalee director Dileesh Pothan, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum deals with a couple who decide to sell their gold chain to manage finances. However, on the way the gold chain gets stolen making them question their fates. This small-scale crime drama is an entertaining watch with a realistic plot and well-executed humour.

Streaming  platform: Disney+ Hotstar 

8. Kumbalagni nights

Starring Fahadh Faasil, Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi, Mathew Thomas and Shane Nigam in prominent roles, Kumbalagni Nights can easily be called the best Malayalam movie on OTT that you cannot and must not miss out on. The movie carries out a fresh plot that expresses the realities of life in a way that will touch our hearts. Dealing with the animosity among four brothers, Kumbalgni Nights follows the change that their dynamics go through as each brother’s life takes a turn.

Streaming  platform: Prime Video 

9. Premam

This 2015 romance drama starring Sai Pallavi and Nivin Pauly will make you feel a thousand emotions at once. Premam revolves around the love life of George as he goes through several stages of love and heartbreak. Making her debut in the movie as Malar, Sai Pallavi won the audience’s heart in an instant. The movie went on to become a Malayalam cult classic.

Streaming  platform: Disney+ Hotstar  

10. Minnal Murali

Wake up bestie, the first Malyalee superhero just dropped! Yes, Minnal Murali, directly translated as Lightning Murali is a superhero movie with the best plot. With Tovino Tomas as the main lead, the movie follows his transformation from a local Mavali to a superhero who saves his village. The visuals are stunning which adds to the movie’s appeal.

Streaming platform: Netflix 

11. Jallikattu

Jallikattu as a movie might seem like one with a simple plot but it’s only when you watch the movie that you realise how layered it is. When a buffalo goes astray in a village, all men come together to make plans and strategies to catch it while also revealing several shades of themselves. The movie was one of the nominations for the Oscars of 2021.

Streaming platform: Prime Video 

12. Kaaval

Written and directed by Nithin Renji Panicker, Kaaval is considered to be a marvel of Malayalam Cinema. It is an action thriller that tells the story of two estranged best friends who are forced by circumstances to reunite. The movie is a full-on family entertainer that keeps the audience engaged with its action and also subtle comedy.

Streaming platform: Netflix

The best part about Malayalam cinema is its ability to make viewers feel at home. The simple backgrounds and settings portray the realistic lives of Keralites and narrate stories of their livelihood. These best Malayalam movies on OTT are a great way to venture into the vast expanse of the South Indian Film industry.

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