13 Best Places to Visit in Amritsar for a weekend trip


Embark on a journey to one of the most spiritual and historically rich cities in India – Amritsar! This city holds immense significance not just for its residents but also for people all around the world. From the revered Golden Temple, a symbol of peace and harmony, to the heart-wrenching Jallianwala Bagh, a reminder of the country’s struggle for freedom, Amritsar is steeped in history and tradition. It’s not just a city but an experience that takes you on a journey through India’s rich cultural heritage, freedom struggle and spiritual legacy. So come along with us as we discover the best places in Amritsar and unravel its hidden gems.


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1. Golden Temple

The Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, is a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring place that should be on every traveler’s itinerary. This beautiful temple, located in the heart of Amritsar, is the holiest shrine in Sikhism and a symbol of peace and harmony. The spectacular golden architecture and daily Langar, which provides free food to over 100,000 people from all walks of life, make it one of India’s most spiritual destinations. The temple is open to visitors of all faiths and offers a unique and enriching experience.

The complex also houses the Amrit Sarovar, a tank that surrounds the central shrine, and several other shrines and memorials. The Sikh Museum located inside the main entry clock tower provides a fascinating insight into the history of Sikhism in India. A visit to the Golden Temple is truly an unforgettable experience!

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Additionally, Akal Takht in the temple complex is considered the highest seat of temporal authority in Sikhism, serving as a symbol of Sikh sovereignty and political power. This takht is also where important decisions are made regarding the community and its teachings. Visitors can witness the daily prayers and hymns being performed, making it a spiritual and historic site. Overall, Akal Takht represents the fusion of political and religious power in Sikhism, making it a significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs.


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2. Wagah Border

The Wagah Border, also known as the Wagah-Attari Border, is a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers visiting Amritsar. Located on the last Indian territory before reaching Pakistan’s mainland, the Wagah Border is known for its daily flag-lowering ceremony, which is a display of military pageantry and precision drill by soldiers from India’s Border Security Force and Pakistan’s Pakistan Rangers.

This ceremony, attended by thousands of people from both sides of the border, is a celebration of patriotic spirit and a fascinating cultural exchange. With the soldiers marching and parading in perfect synchronization, the atmosphere at the Wagah Border is electric and truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of military pageantry, or simply curious about the relationship between India and Pakistan, a visit to the Wagah Border is a must-see.


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3. Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is a historic park and memorial in Amritsar, India, that is one of the most important places to visit for those interested in India’s Freedom Struggle. Erected in honor of those who died during the tragic events of April 13, 1919, Jallianwala Bagh is a solemn reminder of India’s struggle for independence and a powerful symbol of the sacrifices made by its people. The 7-acre garden complex, located near the Golden Temple, attracts visitors from all over the world who come to pay their respects to those who died and to learn about the events that took place here.

At Jallianwala Bagh, you’ll find a well that is said to be where many people jumped to save their lives during the shooting. This is a poignant and emotional site to visit, and one that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits. Whether you’re a history buff, a student of India’s independence movement, or simply looking to understand this significant event in India’s past, Jallianwala Bagh is a must-visit destination in Amritsar. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the memorial of India’s Freedom Struggle and to pay your respects to those who lost their lives in the struggle for independence.


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4. Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort, located in the heart of Amritsar, is a symbol of Sikh history and culture. Built in the 17th century, the fort has served as a strategic military outpost and was an important symbol of the power of the Sikh Empire.

Today, it has been transformed into a museum showcasing Sikh art, manuscripts, and cultural heritage, including the famous Zamzama Cannons. Visitors can now explore the fort’s rich history and experience the legacy of the Sikh Empire through interactive exhibits and immersive experiences.


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5. Tarn Taran

Tarn Taran Sahib is a significant location in Sikhism, located in the city of Tarn Taran near Amritsar.

The Gurudwara is believed to have been founded by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji and is known for its large Sarovar or pond. Thousands of devotees visit Tarn Taran every year to pay homage to the Guru and to immerse themselves in the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the region.


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6. Sun City Park

Sun City Park in Amritsar is a popular destination for those looking for adventure and excitement. With a total of 14 thrilling rides, it’s a great place for people of all ages to enjoy. Spread over 12 acres, the park features a theme park and a water park, both offering a wide range of adventure activities.

Whether you’re looking for a high-speed ride or a relaxing dip in the water, Sun City Park is the perfect place to make your next adventure come alive.



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7. Gurudwara Bir Baba Budha Sahib

Gurudwara Bir Baba Budha Sahib near Amritsar is known for its historical significance and is a must-visit for those interested in Sikhism. The gurdwara is a symbol of Baba Budha’s devotion and selfless service to the community, and it continues to be a place of pilgrimage for Sikhs.

Visitors can learn about Baba Budha’s life and teachings and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history of Sikhism.


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8. Khairuddin Mosque

The Khairuddin Mosque, also known as the Jama Masjid, is a mosque located in the center of Amritsar, India. It was built by Muhammad Khairuddin in 1876 and is known for its Islamic-style architecture, featuring inscriptions on the walls and calligraphy-style lettering.

The mosque holds historical and cultural significance and was once a site of resistance against British rule by Shah Attaullah Bukhari. Visitors to Amritsar often visit the mosque to admire its unique architectural style and learn about its place in the city’s history.

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9. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum in Amritsar showcases the rich history and legacy of the legendary ruler, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The museum, located in the former Ram Bagh Palace, displays various artifacts, paintings, and other memorabilia related to Maharaja and his rule.

Visitors can view the six paintings depicting the different wars led by the Maharaja on the upper floor of the museum. The museum’s dome-shaped buildings and large towers are also popular attractions and offer a scenic view of the city. This museum is a must-visit for history buffs and those interested in the cultural heritage of Amritsar.


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10. The Partition Museum

The Partition Museum in Amritsar is a unique attraction that sheds light on one of the most significant events in India’s history. This museum was established to preserve the history and memories of the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, which led to widespread violence and displacement of millions of people.

It is dedicated to showcasing the human stories and experiences of those who were affected by the partition. The museum has a vast collection of rare documents, photographs, and personal narratives that give visitors a glimpse into this important chapter of history.


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11. Durgiana Temple

The Durgiana Temple, also called the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, is a revered Hindu shrine located in Amritsar, attracting numerous visitors each year. The temple is dedicated to the deity Durga, and houses her idol along with those of Lakshmi and Vishnu. Its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings draw admiration from all who visit.

The temple’s surroundings are especially lively during the Hindu festivals of Dussehra, Janmashtami, and Diwali. The temple grounds are also believed to be the place where Hanuman took rest during his journey to the Himalayas, adding to its religious and cultural significance.


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12. Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath Asthan or Ram Tirath Mandir

Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath Asthan, also known as Ram Tirath Mandir, is a Hindu temple located near Amritsar. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu sage Valmiki, who is considered the author of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. The temple complex comprises of several shrines, including one dedicated to Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana.

Visitors can witness the beautiful golden statue of Sage Valmiki, which is considered one of the largest in India. The temple is also known for its tranquil surroundings, making it a popular destination for pilgrimage and spirituality. In addition, there are several Hindu festival celebrations, including Diwali, held at the temple, which attracts thousands of devotees from all over India.

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13. Baba Atal Tower

The Baba Atal Tower is an important architectural landmark in Amritsar, India. This nine-storey tower is located near the Golden Temple and is renowned for its unique design and rich cultural heritage. The tower was built in the memory of Baba Atal Rai, the son of the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib.

The tower’s design is a combination of Hindu and Islamic styles and is a true testament to the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. The tower is known for its intricate carvings and striking architectural features, including its large dome, spacious balconies, and beautiful arches. The Baba Atal Tower is a must-visit site for anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Amritsar and the surrounding region.

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We hope that our list of the best Places to Visit in Amritsar helps you plan your trip, and make the most of your visit to this magnificent city. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know your favorite spot in Amritsar. Happy travels!

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