Best Punjabi Songs of 2022 That Are Absolute Bangers

Punjabi music has always been fabulous, hasn’t it? Every once in a while a Punjabi song will go viral on the mainstream and win everyone’s hearts and leave us craving for more. This music industry is vibrant, beautiful, and packed with fun and entertainment. There are so many songs that you can listen to and enjoy because of the range of the song choices available. Here are the 15 best Punjabi songs of 2022 as of yet:

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1. Hul Chul

Korala Maan and Gurlez Akhtar’s groovy new track Hul Chul’s music video was released on the 21st of January and has already amassed 30 million views in the meantime and has become a huge hit. Undoubtedly one of the best Punjabi songs of 2022, Hul Chul is an exciting, fresh and fun song to listen to.

2. Future

R. Nait and Gurlez Akhtar’s song Future is an enjoyable listen. Released under Speed Records, this song can be an interesting introduction to Punjabi music for the new listener.

3. Kareeb

Shivjot and Sudesh Kumari’s song, Kareeb, is a melodious new track that is winning hearts left and right. Commended for its good lyricism and music, Kareeb is easily one of the best Punjabi songs of 2022.

4. Ki Karde Je

Nimrat Khaira officially releases all amazing songs and has rarely ever missed it when it comes to creating music that does not win all of our hearts, and Ki Karde Je is no exception. Racking up over 20 million views on its music video on YouTube, this song is a certified hit.

5. Challa

Another beautiful song by Nimrat Khaira, along with Inder Chahal, Challa can be easily considered as one of the frontrunners which can be considered as the best Punjabi songs of 2022.

6. Firozi

Nimrat Khaira, Arsh Heer, and Gifty’s new song, Firozi is a lovely new romantic song that has been winning the hearts of all the listeners. This is a really melodious song worth everyone’s listen.

7. Kabootariyan

Shivjot and Deepak Dhillon’s new song Kabootariyan is a new song that has gained widespread praise from listeners. It would not be a stretch to call this song one of the best Punjabi songs of 2022.

8. Picche Picche

Picche Picche is a new song by Deep Maan and Gurlej Akhtar. Released under the T Series Punjab, this is a fun and refreshing song that engages its audience.

9. Roka

Another new song from Melody House sung melodiously by Jagvir Gill is Roka. Pleasing to the ear and an immediate favorite among many, this song is a gem too.

10. Jatt Turda

Varinder Brar’s Jatt Turda is another awesome song that counts as one of the best Punjabi songs of 2022 as of yet. This is a great listen and you should definitely check it out.

Music is subjective, and compiling recommendations in a list although fun cannot align with everyone’s tastes, and honestly, that kind of is the best part of listening to songs. Here we have tried to list our favorites among the best releases this year and we hope this helps you find some new songs or just simply have fun.

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