15 Best Songs of Ritviz That Will Make Your Spirits Fly High


Fangirling begins in 3, 2, 1… Ritviz Srivastava is the best thing that has happened to the Indian music scene in recent times. Ritviz started producing music at a very young age, dropped out of school, and dedicated his life to his passion. He is trained in the Dhrupad tradition of Indian Classical Music but he always had the thirst of going above and beyond tradition and exercising his creative freedom. Today, he blends electronic music with classical music and puts a smile on the face of everyone who listens to his tracks. To me, his songs are nothing but bright rays of hope and happiness that shine through my dark times. It’s difficult to find such a personal connection with the works of the artists of recent times. Let’s have a look at some of the best songs of Ritviz that will make you groove through the ups and downs of life!


1. Udd Gaye

Of course, this song had to be at the top of this list, not that I’m ranking his songs (do I even dare!), but still. The song is so smooth and breezy that you’ll be lost (hum toh hogaye zama) in its brilliance before you even realize it.

2. Chalo Chalein

This song will give you the strength that you need to go after your dreams, to fly high in the sky of your passion, to be yourself! And just like many other music videos of Ritviz this song will leave you with tears of happiness.

3. Liggi

This song is like that partner that you crave in your loneliest and darkest of times. It will take away all your sorrows and leave you with the warmest smile on your face.

4. Khamoshi

“Aana, jaana, laga raha. Par milna hona saka.” What more can I say? This song sums up our lives. All the things we have left behind, all the things that we live with, and all that we hope for.

5. Jeet

How does this man do this? He takes these simple thoughts and turns them into something out of this world, and still, people connect with him. Because no matter how far he goes with his art, his work is always so grounded, rooted, and relatable. Also, the alaap that he takes at the beginning of Jeet 2.0, it’s what I live for. No kidding.

6. Sage

It starts like this, “Dil ki dhadkan si, tu aaye jaana”, I mean this guy is such an amazing poet! Sage is one of his best pieces, not just in terms of the lyrics but also the feel. This song will make you fall in love. And yes, if you are an insomniac, this song will also make you sleep like a baby.

7. Ari Ari

Find me a better collab than this one, I dare you! This song is such an earworm. Ari Ari is basically a mixture of sugar, spice, everything nice, and of course, Chemical X! “Bata de, raanjhana” how are all of your songs so freaking amazing?!

8. Mukti

Move aside Boost because this song is the secret to my energy! It’s a whole vibe. Magical, that’s the only word that can describe it.


9. Sathi

If the lines “Sheeshe ke makan mein/ Dhoooye si yeh jo zindagi” are not the most relatable lines ever, then I don’t know what is! I don’t understand why people slam the lyrics of Ritviz. Have you ever seen someone blend profoundness and simplicity so well?

10. Sun Toh

This was the only good thing about the Netflix series ‘Mismatched’ if you want me to be really honest. That crazy beat drop at 1:10 is just too good to be true.

11. Pran

First heard the song in a Tanmay Bhatt stream, became an instant fan. Now, whenever I play this song, “Saari Kayanat muskuraye”…

12. Barso

If it’s raining and you are having ‘pakodas’ then this song is your ‘chai’. This song is such a splash of freshness that it will leave you feeling all new and rejuvenated. I’m starting a petition for Ritviz to organize Motivation 101 classes pretty soon ’cause no one motivates better than this guy.

13. Ved

When I listen to this song, I always feel that he is saying “Rit-Ved”. If that’s the case then this is the only ‘Veda’ that I am willing to go through. Ritviz be my religion!

14. Thandi Hawa

This is the cool breeze of air that came to heal us all in the tough times of the Covid pandemic. Ritviz, “na choodo kabhi humara saath”, please. This is undoubtedly one of the best songs of Ritviz.

15. Raahi

This was one of the very first music videos of Ritviz that I had come across. And I remember, it was when he sang “Toot na tu ruth na, Dil ki batein sun zara” that I turned into a fan. This song is an anthem of hope, of inclusion, of love, of life!

There are so many different things going on in a Ritviz song, everything so breathtakingly aesthetic! Every beat tickles you, every word soothes you, every drop sends you into a trance.

What’s interesting about the songs of Ritviz is that you put them in any context or any mood and it just fits. It’s late in the night, you’re gloomy and sleepy, you play a Ritviz song. You are looking for motivation in the late afternoon, you play a Ritviz song. You are falling in love, or falling out of it; you are looking for hope in this hopeless and desolate world, you play a Ritviz song. Trust me, this man heals. I’m sure that I have turned you into a fan if you weren’t already one. Which of these Ritviz songs did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments section.

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