15 Best TV Shows On Serial Killers That Are Worth Binging On

Are you one of those who are obsessed with true crime? You will get your hands on anything and everything that even remotely relates to that genre starting from documentaries to YouTube videos. After gulping down so much information your mind goes numb; it refuses to take any further true crime docs inside its neurons, so you decide to find something binge-worthy. But due to your search history, the algorithm pushes you toward all the crime TV shows there are. And you just cannot resist it. This is the post that you end up clicking and lucky you, this is just what you want. So, keep on reading as we list the 15 best TV shows on Serial Killers.


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1. Hannibal

FBI agent Will Graham is feeling burdened with the ongoing investigation of a serial killer in Minnesota, so he seeks counselling from forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lector who is secretly a serial killer and a cannibal himself. The series has been praised a lot, especially the performances by Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy making it one of the best TV shows on serial killers.

2. True Detective (Season 1)

True Detective has 3 seasons till now, with a fourth in development, we are specifically talking about the first season which is a near-perfect one. Homicide detectives Rust and Marty investigated the murder of a prostitute in 1995. Seventeen years later they revisit the crime and deal with their secrets and internal turmoil.

3. The Alienist

A series of gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City in 1896. Police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt appoints Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist and newspaper illustrator John Moore to investigate the case.

4. Bates Motel

We all know the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. We know what ends up happening with Norman Bates and his mother. That is probably why this origin story is a hell of a ride. As it is not about the “what happens” but “how it happened”.

5. Mindhunter

The series is based on a book of the same name by John Douglas. Mindhunter is a curious combination of fiction and reality. It depicts the true story of how the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit’s study of psychopaths and serial killers began in the late 1970s. The show has some terrific performances, the visual style is set by David Fincher in the first few episodes. When Fincher does something, we can rest assured that it will be good. And it is, as it ranks among the best TV shows on serial killers in history.

6. Dexter

It is a critically acclaimed and hit series that follows Dexter, a serial killer who only kills people who are guilty.

7. Killing Eve

Created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this series is not exactly about a serial killer as Villanelle is an assassin, trained to kill. But it is quickly revealed that she is not an ordinary killer, providing her track record. Eve is assigned by an intelligence agency to kill Villanelle, but as the show progresses, the two women are strangely drawn to each other.

8. The Sinner

The Sinner is an anthology crime drama based on the book “The Sinner” by Petra Hammesfahr. Each season deals with a new crime and its investigation.

9. The Valhalla Murders

Based on the true incidents that took place in a state-run institution for troubled boys in Iceland, the series focuses on Arnar who is sent to his native Iceland from Oslo to investigate the country’s first case involving a serial killer.

10. Beyond Evil

Are you a fan of Korean movies? I am. Especially movies involving serial killers, as in Memories of Murder. But this one is a series. It follows two policemen, Lee Dong-sik and Han Joo-won, as they try to catch a serial killer and have dark secrets of their own.

11. The Serpent

The Serpent is a miniseries based on the real-life serial killer Charles Sobhraj. He drugged tourists, particularly young backpackers, and robbed them of their possessions who travelled through Bangkok, Thailand.

12. You

“You” is brilliant series getting into the head of the serial killer. It follows Joe Goldberg, a manager, who meets an aspiring writer and gets infatuated by her. What makes it more interesting is that Joe never admits he is at fault, rather he tries to justify his actions (we know this by the repeated voice-over heard by the audience as Joe is talking to himself).

13. The End of the F****** World

I wanted to watch something when I was scrolling through Netflix when I came across this underappreciated gem. The End of the F****** World follows James, a 17 year-old-teenager who believes himself to be a psychopath, and Alyssa searching for her father. They embark on a unique journey that leads to a series of misadventures. If you are wondering where the serial killings are, follow James as he kills animals while humans are still on his radar of violence.

14. Prodigal Son

The series focuses on Malcolm Bright, who is the son of the serial killer Martin Whitely. We follow Malcolm, who as a form of absolution for his upbringing, solves crimes for the NYPD.

15. American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story is quite a popular anthology series. We are talking about the second season here, titled Asylum. The series cuts between past and present as a new couple explores the now-abandoned insane asylum Briarcliff Manor and in 1964 as Kit Walker was being admitted there suspecting he was the serial killer “Bloody Face”.

This was our list of the 15 best TV shows on serial killers that are worth binging on. Make sure you watch some of them (if not all).

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