23 Best TVF pitchers Quotes To Get Inspired For Your Startup!

TVF Pitchers is one of the most popular shows produced by TVF that shows the lives of a bunch of youngsters who decide to leave behind their 9-5 jobs and start their startup. The show is a motivation for all the budding entrepreneurs. Since a wave of startups and self-employment is ruling the whole nation and India is thriving with the concept of ‘Made in India’- this show is like a cherry on the cake! The show has some famous faces like Jitendra Kumar, Naveen Kasturia, and Arunabh Kumar (TVF founder) among others. So, without further ado, let’s check out the 23 best TVF pitchers quotes.

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1. The startup fever…
“Yahan 3 mein se 2 cubicle mein startup founders hi baithe hain.”

2. The value of zero…
“I am a zero in the team but inke peeche lag jaata hun toh net value 10 times ho jaati hai.”

3. Work is important because…
“Your work is the only thing here after you are gone.”

4. Don’t tolerate!
“Zero contribution seh sakte hain but negative kaise tolerate karen?”

5. Personality is also necessary…right?
“Arey yaar quote ke aage personality laga do toh impact double hojata hai.”

6. Trying to express yourself…
“Jab se main 1.5 saal ka tha na, tab se baat karne ki koshish hi kar raha hun.”

7. Convincing a woman…
“You can never convince a woman who gives you s*x.”

8. Everything is possible if you want to!
“Entrepreneur banne ke liye spelling nahi, spirit chahiye.”

9. The ultimate reality…
“Is desh ke graduates apni 9–5 jobs se bore hone lagte hain toh bahar nikalne ke liye keval 3 raste dikhte hain: MBA, IAS and Start-up.”

10. Deciding your aim in life…
“Jab yeh coin ek second ke liye hawa mein hota hai na toh andar se aawaaz aati hai ki please heads aajaye us samay tum samajh jaate ho ki result kuch bhi ho tum heads hi chahte ho.”

11. The game of image!
“Quote ke aage personality ka naam laga do to image double ho jata hai.”

12. Try, try but never cry!
“Nahi try karenge toh definitely successful nahi honge.”

13. Finding solutions to every problem!
“Aapna kaha tha main apna product nahi bech sakta. Isliye maine khud ko bech diya.”

14. The decision is all yours!
“Decision toss karke liya tha, toss ka decision dekh ke nahin.”

15. Working nonstop…
“Sar jhukao aur kaam karo.. “

16. Entrepreneurs and their struggles…
“Gunde nahi hain. Entrepreneurs hain, bhench*d.”

17. Is that so?
“Tu Beer hai, bhench*d. Tera kaam hai behna.”

18. Value of employees…
“You are a valuable employee to the company.”

19. Taking the first step is the key…
“Ab woh toh raasta lene par hi pata chalega. Par yahan traffic mein hi atke rahe toh flight pakka miss ho jayegi.”

20. The reason why falling and standing back is so important…
“Kamre mein andhera hai aur aapko bulb jalana hai. Andhere mein haath pair maarte rahoge…kisi na kisi switch se toh light jal jayegi boss.”

21. The big secret of the corporate life!
“Yogi: Give me the graphs on this boy tommorow.

Employee: But I am from legal.

Yogi: Objection overruled.”

22. Sharing a mail is the same as sharing something on a WhatsApp group!
“Privacy on mail is a myth my friend.”

23. India’s Silicon Valley…
“Hiranandani mein silicon valley khadi ho gayi hai aur tu abhi bhi 4X4 cubicle mein baithkar python pe codes bana rahe hain.”

So, which quotes from the above list of 23 Best TVF pitchers Quotes motivated you? Tell us in the comments. And if you haven’t watched the show yet, watch it here.

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