15 Bollywood Detective Movies To Keep You On the Edge of Your Seat!

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a seemingly unsolvable puzzle piece itself together by the minute. A good mystery is one that leaves you shocked – with a twist that you’d not have seen coming from miles away. These are 15 Bollywood detective movies that’ll definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Now, back to our list of the best Bollywood detective movies:

1. Ugly 

After his divorce, Rahul is only allowed to meet his daughter, Kali on weekends. One day when he takes his daughter to work and leaves her behind in a car, he comes back to find her missing. Soon, Rahul and Bose, Kali’s stepfather, blame each other for kidnapping her. 

2. Byomkesh Bakshy 

When the local chemist, Bhuvan, goes missing, Byomkesh, an amateur detective fresh out of college, agrees to look into the matter. With the help of Ajit, Bhuvan’s son, Byomkesh discovers Bhuvan’s disappearance might be a small part of an enormous conspiracy. 

3. Talaash

After the sudden death of their son, Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat and his wife Roshni are shocked and in mourning. While Roshni openly addresses her grief, Surjan distracts himself with work, trying to solve the mysterious death of a popular actor. 

4. Kahaani 

A pregnant woman, Vidya, travels from London to Kolkata to look for her missing husband. However, when all the leads turn cold, she realises there’s more than what meets the eye. 

5. Raat Akeli Hai 

After the murder of an affluent landlord, a cop, Jatil Yadav, is assigned to solve it. However, his work is made complicated by the landlord’s family which seems to be especially secretive. 

6. Talvar 

After the Talvars’ daughter and servant are brutally murdered, an investigator looks at the various aspects of the case, with new complications arising when it seems like the grieving parents are the prime suspects. 

7. Badla 

When a successful married woman’s lover is found dead, her life turns upside down. She hires a lawyer to prepare her for her hearing. 

8. Jagga Jasoos 

After enrolling his adoptive son in a boarding school, Bagchi disappears from his life. Once the son, Jagga, grows up, he begins a journey to go look for his father with the help of a journalist named Shruti. 

9. Khoj

After Ravi’s wife goes missing, he goes looking for her everywhere he can, but isn’t able to find her. After filing an FIR, a woman turns up at his door, claiming to be his wife, but Ravi does not believe her to be his wife. 

10. The Girl On The Train 

A recent divorcee, Mira, takes a train to work every day. On her way to work she sees a couple every day, and fantasizes about their life. However, one day, things go wrong. 

11. Drishyam 

When a policewoman’s son goes missing, Vijay’s family turns into the prime suspects. Vijay must take every measure to protect his family. 

12. Manorama Six Feet Under 

Satyaveer is a mystery writer stuck doing a monotonous job. One day, luck comes knocking when he’s approached by Manorama, a woman who claims to be his fan, who wants his help to find proof of her husband’s extramarital affair. 

13. Bobby Jasoos

Bobby is an amateur detective who goes around solving petty crimes until one day, a rich man tasks her with finding two girls and a boy in exchange for a huge sum. 

14. Article 15 

A city-bred police officer is transferred to a rural place, where he is disturbed to discover severe caste discrimination and violence against the oppressed castes. Despite no systemic backup, he decides to strike back. 

15. Jolly LLB 

Jolly is a struggling lawyer who is desperate to make a name for himself. He takes up a hit-and-run case and decides to fight for the victim. However, the rich defendant hires a reputable lawyer, Rajpal, against him. 

Did you like our list of the best Bollywood detective movies? Which ones have you watched? Comment below to let us know!

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