5 Most Awaited Bollywood Movies Releasing in January 2024

The new year is approaching us with many good wishes, joy, and prosperity. Moreover, Bollywood is also ready to entertain us with many exciting releases lined up in January. Whether you have planned a cozy New Year dinner with your family, or are planning a party or trip- do not forget to mark your calendar with these new movies (a big shout-out to all the movie buffs!). Let’s check out big Bollywood Movies Releasing in January 2024.


1. Merry Christmas | 12 January 2024 

An Indian thriller drama movie directed by Sriram Raghavan (Andhadhun and Badlapur). It is about two strangers meeting on Christmas Eve and deciding to spend it together. While love is flowing in the air- there is also a risk of luring too. And, they know that the time is ticking, so they have to bid adieu before the danger comes knocking at their door. Movie stars Katrina Kaif, and Vijay Sethupathi are in the main roles- a lot of expectations are from this movie and fans are eagerly waiting for it.

2. Dashmi | 12 January 2024

Dashmi is a social drama about eradicating modern-age ‘Ravanas’. This movie is directed by Shantanu Tambe and it focuses on a new take on reinstating ‘Ram Rajya’ in Kalyug. This reboot of society creates a new-age ideal society where everyone is treated with equality, dignity, and love- that’s what this movie is all about. Not much is revealed about it, but it sure has much to offer us as viewers.

3. Ruslaan | 12 January 2024 

Ruslaan is a gripping action thriller that is filled with lots of action, drama, cars, guns, and everything thrilling! It is a path-breaking action movie, and we hope it is true. Well, not much has been revealed about the movie. This high-octane crime drama features Aayush Sharma, Sushrii Mishraa, and Jagapathi Babu in the main roles. Hoping it to be a smashing hit!

4. Main Atal Hoon | 19 January 2024 

Main Atal Hoon is a biographical movie featuring Pankaj Tripathi in the role of India’s former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It will allow us to have a glimpse at the life events and incidents from his life that common people had no idea about. The movie showcases his rise as a political leader and the one who brought a significant change in India’s destiny by leading us through Kargil 1999, the Pokharan Nuclear test, and much more.

5. Fighter | 25 January 2024 

It is a high-octane action drama film about two top IAF aviators- who decide to form air dragons to safeguard the country from grave dangers. The movie showcases several events that lead to their team formation, their camaraderie, battles, internal and external influences, action sequences, near-death battles, and much more! The fact that Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan, and Anil Kapoor are the major actors sharing screen space for the first time- it is too much excitement!

So, this was our list of some of the most awaited Bollywood movies releasing in January 2024. Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments.

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