#BondOfALifeTime: Brother-Sister Love Depicted With 8 Doodles


The bond between a brother and a sister is one of strongest that survives ages.

From those childhood games and pranks to supporting each other come what may, brothers and sisters share several joyous and lovely moments as they grow up together.

We bring you the beautiful memories you shared with your siblings that you would cherish all your life.

1. Playing pranks: The two of you often played pranks on just about everyone and just as often landed in trouble together.

2. Pulling each other’s leg: How often did you make your sibling cry with a childish rumor?


3. Those endless fights: All those times your room turned into  a wrestling ring!


4. Having each other’s back: Times you watched out for each other.

5. All the borrowing and lending: It was a endless chain of barters with your dear sibling.

6. The unsolicited advice: Times you had your sibling give you great and not-so-great tips.

7. But you always stood up for each other: You would fight the world for each other!

Siblings. We hate them like we love them!

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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