10 Chinese Romantic Comedy Dramas You Can Watch Online

Almost everyone from all generations is a Sucker for romance. We love love and the drama that love consists of. It brings us a sense of comfort. We all must have romanticized the idea of romance sometime or the other, while reading a book, watching a movie, or during a romantic TV show. No matter what mood you’re in, romance dramas will manage to put a smile on anyone’s face.  Chinese Romantic Comedy Dramas have mastered this art. If you’re just trying to find something engaging to watch or just getting into the world of Chinese Dramas, here’s a list of the 10 Best Chinese Romantic Comedy Dramas that should be on your to-watch list! 

1. Love 020

Love 020 is a famous drama that is based on a popular novel Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng. It follows the story of how college student Xiao Nai encounters another college student Bei Wei Wei during a game of “Dreaming of Jianghu” and falls in love with her soon after. Moreover, he doesn’t fall in love with her because of her appearance, but because of how quickly her fingers move across her keyboard while gaming.

The show then covers how Xiao Nai embarks on the journey, both online and offline to win the heart of Wei Wei and how they overcome a lot of adventures and drama on the way.

2. The Fox’s Summer

The Fox’s Summer shows two ex-lovers Gu Cheng Ze and Li Yan Shu who are brought together and made to work under adverse circumstances. But no matter what, Cheng Ze’s is determined to separate whatever feelings are left between the both of them, only leading to Cheng Ze and Yan Shu falling in love all over again.

The show then follows the beautiful journey of them overcoming all the hurdles in their way and forming a bond that is truly unbreakable. 

3. Stay With Me 

Li Wei Wei, a 30 year old recognized fashion designer, loses parts of her memory and regresses back to the tender age of 23 due to an almost-drowning incident. This makes her determined to get back with her ex-boyfriend Chen Yidu who now is her arch-rival at her workplace while her childhood best friend, Huo Xiao, is now her fiancé.

The show follows the journey of self-discovery and love for Wei Wei as she tries to dive deep into her past to right any wrongs, confront misunderstandings, and resolve any conflicts.

4. Unexpected 

Unexpected is hailed as one of the best Chinese Romantic Comedy Dramas. It is a romantic comedy that follows He Jie, a manga artist who somehow manages to get pulled into his own manga, “Crystal Love”. He discovers that in order to go back to reality he has to complete the mammoth task of rescuing his evil second female lead by turning her from a bitter hateful character into a better, much more likable person.

In pursuit of completing this task, Jie also finds out things about himself that he was alien to before. 

5. Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You is centred around Gao, an aspiring jewellery designer, who is struggling to make it big. To fulfill her dreams, she embarks on a journey to South America to work at a mining company where she meets Yu Zhi, who is the successor of a jewellery company, and they’re immediately drawn to each other. However, Yu Zhi believes that in order to move forward, western designs need to be prioritised while Gao is hell-bent to continue designing traditional Chinese-inspired jewellery that is a fusion between east and west.

The show then follows their bickering and how the both of them slowly fall in love. It is a real treat to watch! 

6. Memory Lost 

Memory Lost is the tale of 2 detectives. They meet each other as strangers only to find out that both of them have something in common, i.e, amnesia. The show then follows the both of them solving new cases and figuring out their way ahead. 

7. A Love So Beautiful 

A Love So Beautiful follows the grumpy and sunshine trope with a new touch. Chen Xiaoxi is a bright and cheerful girl who radiates warmth while her friend Jiang Chen is indifferent toward people. The show follows their journey from high school sweethearts to their adulthood and highlights how their relationship takes different turns over the course of all these years. 

8. My Amazing Boyfriend 

My Amazing Boyfriend is a romantic drama with a twist. It centres around a 500-year-old superhuman Xue Ling Qiao, who was accidentally awoken by Tian Jing Zhi, after a deep slumber for the past 100 years. He is then forced to move into Jing Zhi’s apartment with her and their secrets are unravelled and the drama begins.

9. My Huckleberry Friends 

My Huckleberry Friends is based on a trilogy of books written by Ba Yue Chang An. This drama gives us a real insight into how children are raised in China. It focuses on two friends Yu Zhou and Lin Yang who hit it off with each other on the first day of primary school. However, they break apart from each other after some rumours are spread. It also focuses on academic accomplishments and failures, problems with personal traumas, social status and how they find their way back. 

10. Accidentally In Love 

Chen Qing Qing is a fierce and headstrong girl who also happens to be the heiress of a wealthy family. She runs away from an arranged marriage set up only to find herself bumping into an ex-deskmate, Si Tu Fang, who has now become a nationally recognized singer. After a series of mishaps and a lot of bickering, they finally fall for each other. But things aren’t that easy for us due to their different social statuses. This show is an emotional rollercoaster that will have you wrapped around your thumb from the start! 

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We know there are still a lot of shows that weren’t able to make it to this list, but here’s what we think are the 10 Best Chinese Romantic Comedy Dramas. So grab some popcorn and start watching! 

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