14 Profound Classic Literature Quotes That Will Stay With You

Literature, like all art, is a mirror held up to society. It makes us ponder about our daily reality and the mundane and magical elements within. Picking up a new book or revisiting an old favourite gives you an unparalleled feeling, one of sheer joy and satisfaction. Within the literature, classics are called classics for a reason. Timeless words of wisdom that percolate through our minds and settle right within our souls are sometimes all the comfort you need in the world. What, then, could be possibly better than visiting or revisiting some of the classic literature quotes we found really beautiful?

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1. What can be a greater gift than unconditional love?

2. This is much like how you can only appreciate the light once you have experienced the darkness.

3. That timeless opening sentence that has stuck with us through and through.

4. As they say, “To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.”

5. An unnerving yet liberating realisation, this.

6. If humans have one thing in common, it is the eternal fear of mortality.

7. As humans, we crave comfort in uniformity.

8. Somewhere out there, Dickens is giving us all a knowing smile… you know why, don’t you?

9. Love knows no bounds or fears.

10. We call it ‘infectious’ laughter for a reason, right?

11. Keeping aside the sexist overtones, this simply echoes the saying “ignorance is bliss”. All that is expected of women.

12. The power of will.

13. “The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

14. What else is love than feeling like you found a piece of yourself in someone else?

Books are really one’s best friends, companions that never leave your side. They are always there to make you feel understood, heard, and seen. Life-altering words that are often better guides than humans, works of literature can truly provide windows to the world as well to your own soul.

We hope you enjoyed reading these classic literature quotes! Did we miss out on any classics? Let us know your favourite quotes in the comments below!

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