10 Crazy Things Rajinikanth Fans Have Done For Their Thalaiva

The magnanimity of Rajinikanth as a superstar is well-known across the country. His aura and charm are unsurpassable. Fans of Thalaiva do not even bat an eye when Rajinikanth single-handedly kills dozens of villains. Their Thalaiva is capable of everyone- running at a humanly impossible speed, flying, walking on water- your name is Rajini Sir can do it. Fans literally worship him like a God. This is something that can only happen in India. But we are not complaining because someone as big as a star as Rajinikanth deserves a huge fandom but sometimes things get a little crazy. Let’s look at some crazy things Rajinikanth fans have done for their Thalaiva.

1. Changed their names to Rajini after Rajinikanth

Fans can do crazy things for their favourite superstar. One such incident was when fans changed their names to Rajini after Rajinikanth. Names like ‘Rajni’ Sakthi, ‘Rajni’ Kumar, and ‘Rajni’ Velu are not uncommon. This is pretty wild as they are literally changing their identity after an actor.

2. Performed “Milk Abhishek” to venerate Rajinikanth

Actors being treated like Gods is not very uncommon in India. But Rajini fans take it to a different level. They started venerating their superstar by pouring milk and showering flowers on the actor’s pictures. Every time a Rajinikanth movie would release or on the occasion of his birthday, his fans would perform this ritual.

3.  Created a fake movie poster when Rajinikanth was on a break from films

Fans love watching Thalaiva on screen but what happens when they do not get to see their idol as frequently as they want? Of course, they create a fake movie poster to at least have a false sense of satisfaction that their superstar is coming on screen. Rajini fans created a fake movie poster named ‘Aadavan Aatam’- a movie that does not exist!

4. Have a Rajinikanth mural in the office to commemorate his idol

The founder/CEO of Chennai-based SaaS giant Freshworks is a huge Rajinikanth fan. His love for Rajinikanth is such that he had Thalaiva’s mural painted on his office walls! Just how much fans revere him as an artist is beyond words!

5. Watched 10 back-to-back shows of Rajinikanth’s Kabaali

How many times would you watch a movie you really like? Maybe once or twice in the theatre and then at home, maybe once in a while. A 39-year-old man named Jayasaleen broke all records when he watched 10 back-to-back shows of Rajinikanth’s movie, Kabaali. He watched the same movie 10 times just for his favourite actor. He also made a statement about his love for the actor ” I have one father, one mother, and one God — who is Rajinikanth.”

6. Flown down from China and Japan to watch the first-day first show of Rajinikanth’s movie

Rajinikanth does not only have a huge fanbase in India but his stardom has reached all over the world. He has many fans in Hongkong and Japan who come to India just to catch a show of Rajinikanth’s movie here. Although they could easily watch these movies in their own country, their affinity towards Thalaiva brings them here.

7. At a book launch event when a fan’s wedding card touched Rajinikanth’s shoulder, he called that a “blessing from God”

A fan wanted to invite Rajinikanth to his wedding as this was his only dream. Luckily, he was at a book launch event where Rajinikanth was also present. The man was engaged by then and he wanted to fulfill his dream. Although he could not meet his hero, the tip of the man’s wedding card touched Rajinikanth’s shoulder and that was enough for his fan. It was a blessing from God according to him.

8. Commenced a Rajinikanth Yatra to celebrate his movie Robot 2.0

You might have heard of religious yatras and even political rallies, but a procession for an actor is something really unique. This happened in Mumbai’s Wadala area where fans took an early morning procession for Rajinikanth’s movie, Robot 2.0, to show their love and support for their superstar.

9. Queued up all night to watch the first show of Rajinikanth’s movie

This comes as a no-surprise for people who are familiar with Thalaiva’s stardom. Fans literally queue up all night to catch the first show of Rajinikanth’s latest movies. Forget waiting for Marvel and DC, this is the real “One-man army” kind of stardom.

10. Offices in Chennai & Bengaluru declare a holiday for Rajinikanth’s new movie, Jailer’s premiere

The latest addition to ‘crazy things Rajinikanth fans have done’ is how offices in Chennai, Bengaluru declared a holiday for a new Rajinikanth movie release. As Rajinikanth’s new movie, Jailer is all set to release on the 10th of August, most workplaces have declared a holiday to commemorate Thalaiva’s return to the silver screen after 2 years!

This is our list of all the crazy things Rajinikanth fans have done. We are sure there would be a lot of instances in the future as well. Do let us know your craziest fan moment in the comment section.

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