11 Most Creative CRED Ads That Have Taken The Internet By Storm

This 3-year-old startup has gained quite a momentum in such a short period of time. Their platform allows the members to pay their credit card bills on it. A timely payment allows the members to win rewards. The rewards are in the form of CRED coins or gems which can be redeemed for offers. But we are not here to talk about that. There is something really interesting about how this company is marketing itself. Their extremely unique advertisements have taken the internet by storm and netizens can’t keep quiet about it. Their unconventional ads are really interesting. Be it Jackie Shroff’s Zumba lessons or Rahul Dravid’s anger display, we’ll have a look at some of the most creative CRED ads out there!

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The ongoing Great For Good series features Jim Sarbh who educates the audience about the app, highlighting all its benefits. Then the frame moves over to a celebrity who is at his most unpredictable, like Rahul Dravid being angry! Who would have thought? Their unusual take at humour is what draws them apart from the other advertisements out there. Last year, they took a dig at the inclination of advertising agencies hiring famous actors and musicians in their ads. They did that by showing BTS of the auditions of celebrities doing what they are famous for and the casting officers being gravely disappointed in them. And there’s a bunch of these ads out there. Here’s a bite of what we are talking about!

1. “We Were The OGs”

This advertisement features Venkatesh Prasad, Javagal Srinath, Maninder Singh, and Saba Karim– the famous Indian cricketers of the 90s. It has all the features of a boy band music video and the typical Backstreet Boys vibe! The song is quite catchy too. If you don’t believe me, “Ask your phuphaji”.

2. “Indiranagar Ka Gunda Hoon Mai”

Rahul Dravid looks so cute even when he is angry, how does he manage to do that? Known for his calm demeanor, it was quite fun to watch Dravid as an angry man stuck in traffic. The internet went crazy with memes and posts of appreciation soon after this ad surfaced.

3. “What A Player!”

Anil Kapoor gets into his element as he auditions to be in a CRED ad. Dressed as Lakhan, one of his most iconic characters, he dances around to a weird song about the benefits of downloading the CRED app. Although he is rejected, he doesn’t care, he is too big for them anyway.

4. “Jackie loves Zumba”

Jim Sarbh lets us in on a secret- Jackie loves Zumba. And what a treat it was to watch Jackie Shroff doing Zumba like a pro!

5. “Surprise No. 1”

Watching Govinda dance is pure nostalgia! Even after his endearing dance performance, he does not make it through the audition. When he learns that a voice-over would be used in his stead, he says, “Ae Voice-over wale ka number nikaal!”

6. “Baby you’re my CVV”

Bappi Lahiri kills it with his extremely peppy-Bollywood-disco-vibe song with its hilarious lyrics! And he goes on and on….

7. “Sanam, I’m sorry”

Kumar Sanu sings about the benefits of having insurance in the role of the most delightful salesperson ever.  That voice would definitely get anyone to have insurance.

8. “Mai Javan Phuket”

Daler Mehndi sings in quite a sorrowful tone about how grateful he is for the cashback that he receives on CRED. It even moves the casting agents!

9. “Shakespeare said in Hamlet…..Download CRED”

As stupid and hilarious as the lyrics sound, this song was sung by the most iconic singer duo of Bollywood- Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. On being rejected they resolve to move over to rap next time. We are eagerly waiting for that!

10. “My OTP has come, 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 1”

Madhuri Dixit in all her beauty performs a Kathak number for her CRED ad audition. After being rejected she is sassy enough to break a cup with the utmost grace.

11. It pays to be good

Neil Bhoopalam walks into a gas station and picks up a pack of beers. Jackie Shroff is the owner of the gas station and he is sleeping. Neil almost leaves without paying but conscience gets him to swipe his credit card before he leaves. His goodness is rewarded with free chewing gum by Jackie Shroff.

All credits go to the writers which include Tanmay Bhat (from the AIB fame), Devaiah Bopanna, Puneet Chadha, Nupur Pai (the co-writer of Little Things), and Vishal Dayama. They have been creating some awesome content that is really clicking with the younger and the older generation alike. Be it the Union Budget series with Harsha Bhogle, Not Everyone Gets It series with famous actors and musicians, or the current Great For The Good series, they are incredible.

We hope that there will be more of such creative CRED ads in the future. The ones already present are already pulling each and every string of our hearts and are also tickling our funny bones. Which of these ads did you find the most interesting? Do let us know in the comments section.

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