23 Brilliantly Creative Durex Ads That’ll Impress You

If you are an avid social media users, it’s impossible for you to have not come across one of the brilliantly designed ads and creatives by Durex. Though Durex primarily manufactures Condoms, it’s game is always up with its advertisements. Durex Ads often do rounds on social media platform like Facebook and Twitter with people appreciating it’s quirky and creative messages.

We bring you some of the best Durex Ads from recent times that were brilliantly creative.

1. Durex knows how to make it BIG! 

2. Leave your footprints & more in the sands of time 😀

3. For all sizes! 

4. They’ve got the XXLs covered! 

5. When Greece won the Euro 2004 Championship

6. No Exit! 

7. When it is a long way to go! 

8. Well said, Durex! 

9. That’s giving some real burn! 

10. Your choice. Be a Smart Customer! 

11. Celebrate the end of the world with a Bang! 

12. For the long, longer and longest

13. The Tryst with Destiny 

14. The say that the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

15. For Emergency 

16. A good player know how to use the seam

17. Durex using the Olympics to give a message to Usain & others

19. Pin Safely! 

20. HaHa! 

21. Don’t just hold…

22. Game for it?

23. Emoji game done right! 

24. Angry Sperms! 

These Durex ads were amazing, hilarious and amazing. Do check out Durex on their social media handles where they continue to create and publish such great work.

Which Durex Ad is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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