25 Cringeworthy Bollywood Photos from the 90s That’ll Make You Go LOL

While people in Bollywood are usually known for their spot-free, flawless images, goof-ups do happen from time-tio-time. Unfortunately, the actors of today do not have the luxury of making a faux-pas without the entire internet laughing at them. But up until a few decades ago, Bollywood could get away with a lot of hilarious gaffes without anyone noticing. Sadly, the internet remembers everything. Here are some of the most cringeworthy Bollywood photos you’ll ever see!

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1. This unfortunate fashion disaster that happened after someone decided that a blade would be the best way to go.

2. I want to know how the creative decision re: the pants was taken.

3. Before there was Trump, there was Akshaye Khanna.

4. Who decides these positions and how do they convey it to the rest of the team without having a case filed on them?

5. What hap – actually, I’d rather not know. Thank you.

6. When you over-baste the grilled chicken:

7. How does he keep a straight face? Is that what he got paid for?

8. me: ma, I need some wrapping paper

ma: we’ve got wrapping paper at home.

the wrapping paper at home:

9. This is what Anil Kapoor looks like without a shirt:

10. I have absolutely no desire to find out what’s happening in this photo. No, thank you.

11. On a scale of 1 to plants growing out of you, how vegetarian are you?

12. Looks like they forgot releasing this version of the Jungle Book:

13. When you have to cut corners so you cut the fashion budget in half:

14. No babe, we are pregnant.

15. Fake colourful tattoos are the best.

16. Ma’am? Are you okay?

17. I really want to know what these people think of this photo now:

18. You are what you eat.

19. Crop tops for men are underrated.

20. May God give them the strength to forget this photoshoot.

21. Fashion too far ahead of its time:

22. I hope that hair was a wig.

23.  Who needs a blow dryer when you have your trusty vaccum cleaner?

24. Oh the wild wild days of no internet!

25. You know what, I’m not even gonna say anything. This shimmery leotard probably haunts Shahid in his dreams anyway. 

Which of these cringeworthy Bollywood photos made you laugh the most? Comment below to tell us!

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