15 Best Trending English Songs for Instagram Reels | 2023

Instagram trends come and go in a flash, constantly replacing the old with the new. To stay ahead, it’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends to up your game to boost the views on your Instagram reels. Social media trends are no longer limited to just mesmerizing videos and Titktok-trending reels. You are missing the secret ingredient of success – Trending tracks that play alongside your reel. Now you wouldn’t want to be left behind because of just one mistake, right? So, after the trends of Calm Down- by Rema, Selena Gomez, and As It Was by Harry Styles last year, numerous new songs are making it to the trending reel songs. Here are some of the trending English songs for Instagram reels to take them to the next level.

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1. Kill Bill-SZA (Party Version) Remix, by Bella DJ

The first solo song by Blackpink member Jisoo is creating waves on the internet. It is a funky, sweet, and modern song that can fit perfectly into any of your Instagram reels. You can also join the flower dance challenge or create your own steps to accompany it.

2. Cupid-TwinVer.- Fifty Fifty 

“Cupid” is another song by the K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY that can be seen on nearly every other Instagram story due to its dance steps. However, the song’s music is just as catchy as its dance steps, making it a perfect choice for the background sound of your reel as well.

3. Say Yes To Heaven (Sped Up) – Lana Del Rey 

“Say Yes to Heaven” is a previously released song that is currently trending on Instagram. Its lyrics and music are sweet and dreamy, making it a perfect choice for creating couple reels, and motivational reels.

4. Rude Boy – Rihanna

The Rude Boy Remix by Rihanna has been trending since the Rihana Super Bowl halftime show happened. And, now its cool remix version is trending on many Instagram reels. You must try out this cool audio on your Instagram reels.

5. Did You Check on Me? – Libianca

This song is giving a cool vibe during these hot summer days! Particularly its remix versions are getting immensely popular on Instagram these days. It has got a great beat and you too can try using it in one of your insta reels.

6. All of the Girls You Loved Before – Taylor Swift 

This recently released reel audio is gaining fame, and people are loving this Taylor Swift music. One of the reasons for its popularity is its catchiness, making it suitable as a background score for almost any type of reel.

7. Coca-Cola – LIL M

It is a catchy song by LIL M that has catchy beats and a trending dance too! Whether you want to dance to it or use it as upbeat background music for your reel, the choice is yours.

8. Die for You – The Weeknd, Ariana Grande 

The Weeknd has a knack for creating music with quirky beats but also mellow melodies. “Die for You” is one such song that many people use on their Instagram reels, thanks to The Weeknd’s catchy music and Ariana’s soothing voice.

9. Flower – JISOO 

‘Flower’ is also one of the most trending songs on Instagram currently. Because of its funky beats, people are using it as a background track for their vlog content, tutorials, travel reels, etc. You can try to choreograph new steps or use it as a piece of background music in any of your reels.

10. Boy’s a Liar Pt.2 – PinkPantheress, Ice Spice 

Boy’s a Liar is a song that is spreading like wildfire- you can listen to it playing on Tiktok reels, and Instagram reels, and also add it to your personal playlist.

11. Hey Mickey – ImBabyTate 

It is a song by Baby Tate that samples the 1981s song Mickey by Tony Basil. The song has got a high starting beat and therefore is perfect to use for any thrilling reel or video content.

12. Fantasy – Mariah Carey 

This fantasy-driven song is infectious and it trending on many Instagram reels in various versions of it. You can create romantic, dreamy, fantasy-filled, or any random magic moments reels and use this as a background song.

13. This Magic Moment – Lakestreet Drive 

This magic moment is a vintage-style song that was released in 2014 but is trending on Instagram reels in 2023! Many people are using it put it as the background score for reels on their magic moments.

14. Red Ruby Da Sleeze – Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj’s song Red Ruby Da Sleeze is an energetic song that could liven up your Instagram reel. This song is getting popular lately because of its upbeat music and you can try this too!

15. Make Your Own Kind of Music – Mama Cass 

This music by Mama Cass was the 60s hit and is finding its way through Instagram reels. The music is positive, and airy, and gives a fresh twirl to a vintage song. You can use this song as a background score to give an optimistic vibe to your reel.

More and more trendy audio trends keep making it to the Instagram reels and we will keep you updated on the best trending English songs for Instagram reels.

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