Escape From Tarkov (EFT) – Some Major Tips to Play EFT

Have you ever heard about Escape from Tarkov? If yes, you might be aware that it is one of the most reputed online games that players consider playing for having wonderful battle-related experiences. But, usually, players prefer to play those games that provide realistic views and experiences to experience the first-person shooter feature at their homes themselves. 

Many people are interested in playing various games, but most people love to play fighting games because these games attract their attention and also help them to stay connected for a longer time. When it comes to EFT, you will find that it is a multiplayer game in which you can team up with your friends to defeat your enemies. Make sure that you will stay focused on your hydration, hunger, and blood pressure level because, in this game, these three factors play a prominent role. 

This game mainly revolves around loot, and you have to make multiple loots to have a safe and secure survival. The people who don’t know how to loot can take help from various escape from tarkov cheats as cheats are very helpful in getting out of any troublesome situation. Usually, players fear many losing things in this game, but if they pay proper attention to each and every aspect, they can remain controlled and make better use of various maps involved in this game.

Invest in Insurance

  • Investing in insurance is the first and most crucial tip that you must consider while playing Escape from Tarkov, which can also help you stay longer in this game. 
  • If you pay attention to the insurance factor, it will help you get proper security for each aspect of yours in this game. The players who find any problem then can take help from the escape from tarkov cheats which you always there for your help.  
  • Make sure that you will have insurance on your gear which gives you an excellent opportunity to live longer by using them to have great protection against your enemies. 
  • You can also consider getting insurance for going with Prapor or a therapist as it helps you get your medical treatment cheaper than the actual amount. 
  • When you get insurance for Prapor, you will get your items back after 24 to 36 hours, whereas if you consider a therapist, you can experience it just between 12 and 24 hours. Also, make sure that you are aware that you only have 72 hours to claim all your items when your insurer has reached out to you.

Complete the Quests 

  • Another wonderful tip that can help you experience a safe and secure environment while playing Escape from Tarkov is to complete the quests. 
  • When you consider completing your quests, make sure that you are aware that quests include different objectives that mainly involve picking up certain items from killing other operators and various traders. 
  • When you grab an opportunity to get some items from the various quests you completed, you will find some chunky experience points. 
  • With the help of the completion of quests, you will also experience unlocking new traders’ loyalty levels, where you will get more items that you need to purchase to get easy access to various quests.
  • If you want to get easy access to various EFT aspects, you have to complete various quests first, and then you will become eligible for them. 

Keep an Eye on Your Limbs

  • When you opt for connecting with Escape from Tarkov, make sure that you will keep an eye on your limbs as it can help you get safe gameplay experiences without facing many difficulties. 
  • If you face any difficulty, you can take help to escape from tarkov cheats, which are always there to deal with those situations that are not under your control. 
  • In this game, you have 435 health points, and you are required to pay proper attention to all those points which spread between your stomach, head, legs, thorax, and arms, and you have to keep all your parts safe from your enemies and also from not getting any injury. 
  • If you get injured, you can get to know about it by the different colors represented on the screen. There are three colors with different explanations: grey helps you know that you are fine, red shows that you get hurt and need some treatment, and black means that you are gone, or else you can say that you get into a big problem. 
  • When your limbs get black, you won’t get the opportunity to treat them traditionally, so you have to use morphine or pain killers.

Always Have a Map Loaded Up

  • Make sure that when you enter Escape from Tarkov, you will keep all your maps loaded up to use them whenever you require their need. 
  • Maps play a significant role in this game and help you to deal with multiple situations whenever you get into any distraction from your exact path. 
  • Whether you consider downloading a map of customs or already have it on your phone, or you get a second monitor going spare, then you can use them according to your wish to deal with various other troublesome situations. 
  • You can easily play the map on standby to navigate yourself to stay away from various troubles in sharpish. 
  • There are various community maps specially made for your help to help you out with quick searches and allows you to call-outs and discover new routes and extraction points without buying a map in the game, which automatically saves your money.

When you complete the information, you will learn about the major tips that you can use for playing Escape from Tarkov. After considering all the tips, you still find any query regarding any particular situation. You can simply take help to escape from tarkov cheats, which are always there for your help. You can deal with multiple situations with the help of these cheats but make sure that you won’t get dependent upon them as they are not always helpful in all situations. Hence, you have to grab some basic information about the game before starting playing it.

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