10 Beautiful Father’s Day Songs in Hindi For You To Dedicate To Your Dad!

Fathers are special. And, no matter the name by which you call them, the feelings don’t waver. A father is a guide and a friend all the way. The bond has nothing to do with the biological tie, and everything to do with the connection of the heart and the soul. It may be that one person you look up to as a fatherly figure, or a friend, or your biological father – really, anyone whom you can count on to be that pillar of strength in the darkest hours. So, this Father’s Day, dedicate a song to that special person in your life to let them know you appreciate their presence. Here are some melodious Father’s Day Songs in Hindi to give you that fuzzy feeling deep within.

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1. Papa Kehte Hain

This cult classic from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak is honestly the first to come to mind when you put ‘Father’ and ‘Bollywood’ together. Dance together with your father to this groovy number sung by Udit Narayan, and bond over shimmies and giggles!

2. Papa

A beautiful song sung by Neha Kakkar, this one is sure to make your father tear up. Go make them listen to this one while giving them a big hug!

3. Papa Mere Papa

Another popular favourite from the 90s, this song expresses perfectly our adoration and admiration for our fathers. Listen to this one to spark an adorable conversation with your father.

4. Papa Jaldi Aa Jaana

This old Bollywood song captures perfectly what it is like to miss your father and long for them to return. A childlike innocence coupled with concern, this one is perfect to make up for all the times you couldn’t be there with him.

5. Dilbaro

A beautiful composition by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Dilbaro is a song that talks about that moment of the child parting from the father. This Father’s day song in Hindi is modeled on Kashmiri folk music and makes for a delightful piece.

6. Haanikarak Baapu

A fun composition from Dangal, this one lets out a cry of frustration on the behalf of all children who have been disciplined by their fathers. Sit down to listen to this one with them as you reminisce about all the times you resented them for being the disciplinarian.

7. Lamhe Guzar Gaye

Piku was a film that beautifully showcased the relationship between father and daughter with the roles reversed, sort of. The film is a reminder of that special bond, and this song is perfect to realise all the paths you have crossed with your father, together, and how the bond has remained.

8. Chanda Hai Tu

Originally, this song is about a mother lulling their child to sleep with the utmost affection. Why should parents be deprived of that affection either? Send your father this one to remind them how they are the light of your life.

9. Atrangi Yaari

Who said fathers can’t be your friends as well? Make them listen to this, as a celebration of the friendship you share with them.

10. Rahguzar

Popular YouTuber Bhuvan Bam wrote this song for his late parents, and nothing could have cut deeper. This song is a reminder to cherish every moment your father, for uncertainty is the only certain thing about life.

Hope you liked our recommendations for the Father’s Day Songs in Hindi you could dedicate to that special person.

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