25 Funniest Borat Quotes That Prove Sacha Baron Cohen’s Comic Genius

Sacha Baron Cohen is well-known for his comic timing and effortless adoption of many accents and guises. His comedy acts are so popular that the Times even named him among the 30 best-living comedians! He played the memorable role of a dictator called ‘Borat’ in the 2012 movie called ‘The Dictator‘, and the character ruled the fictional North African state of Wadiya. It became so famous that people still remember some of the funniest Borat quotes from the movie. Because of his political remarks, and portrayal of a dictator in the movie ‘The Dictator’, Sacha also had to face many controversies and lawsuits. Nevertheless, Borat’s funny comments and sometimes politically incorrect remarks have become instantly quotable!

To make you laugh out loud, we have compiled here the 25 funniest Borat quotes:

1. Guess that’s why we haven’t seen any political attack ads featuring talking horses yet

2. High five? More like a high wall

3. That’s one way to make a horse feel blue

4. Bush’s Iraq mission: looking for WMDs, found only confusion

5. Oh yeah no walls here

6. Ah yes the three hardships for any country out there

7. Kazakhstan’s cars may not be breaking any land speed records any soon

8. Sounds like a crowded market in Kazakhstan

9. Looks like Borat’s wife hit some unexpected changes

10. Seems like Borat’s neighbour needs a lesson in musical egalitarianism

11. Will the old one mind?

12. Well, if Dr. Yamuka’s research is accurate, then it looks like the squirrels are the real brains behind the operation

13. I suppose it’s one way to try to catch a ride… or a date

14. I’m not sure but at least the virus doesn’t have a political agenda

15. No pressure or anything

16. I’m not sure if that’s a skill to be proud of

17. He sure likes high fives…

18. ‘Homemade’ cheese

19. At least he’s curious about other cultures

20. Borat’s descriptions of women may be… unconventional, but at least he’s specific?

21. L Uzbekistan

22. He might need to start looking for a car with a built-in razor

23. Blunt but honest

24. I am not sure that they know they did it

25. I bet that didn’t help

It is always easy to make others cry but equally difficult to make them laugh. Borat is one such character whose satirical comedy has given us much-needed laughter therapy. I am going to watch ‘The Dictator’ again to have a good laugh. By the time, you let us know your views on the movie down in the comments.

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