10 Funniest Roadies Auditions That Are Just The Best!


The Roadies auditions feature shouting judges, a lot of drama, as well as melodrama, and a fun factor that people can’t afford to miss! Despite all the logical flaws, the auditions are hugely popular because viewers get to witness all kinds of quirky characters who happen to face equally amusing judges like Raghu, Rajiv, and Ranvijay. Some of the funniest Roadies auditions have garnered huge viewership on the channel as well as YouTube.

And in case you’ve missed any of the funniest episodes, we’re here to help you watch all these clips, have a good laugh, and sleep peacefully without any worries in the world! Check out these 10 Funniest Roadies Auditions that you definitely shouldn’t mis

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1. The Clueless Guy | Roadies 8

That guy who thought that Ayodhya was a Sanskrit word and had never heard even a dime worth of information about Ayodhya’s verdict- he definitely got an earful in this episode.

2. The Multitalented Hero Devarshi | Roadies 6 

Devarshi became one of the most famous people to audition on Roadies because he is too smart to even audition- he is someone who knows more than even Einstien ever knew!

3. That One Innocent Guy | Roadies 9

The guy who wins laughter, love, and a lot of advice from the judges because of his innocence and a lot of funny talks. Watch this one without missing it.

4. The Antiques of Paulami | Roadies 6

Paulami is a Bengali girl who thinks she is a total Pataka and a woman who has a hot dressing sense. Also, the knowledge of black magic and other things seems like unmissable things!

5. When Vivek Had A Heated Debate | Roadies 6

This guy is a living breathing example of those unabashedly proud of their homophobic thinking. Though he was a young ignorant person who might have some knowledge and could have changed his mindset in the later years- we really hope so.


6. Rachel On A Laughter Ride | Roadies Real Heroes

This audition was funny because the guy did a good stand-up comedy and his funny ways of describing each judge made all the fellow judges fall down from their chairs laughing!

7. Pavneet Made The Judges ROFL | Roadies Xtreme

The first condition of getting selected for a Roadies audition is to show your real and raw talents. Well, this man Pavneet put on his acting shoes and performed whatever came to his mind- surprising all the judges.

8. The Kaand Kumar | Roadies Xtreme

When judges look at the form filled out by the auditioners- they often expect shocking truth bombs. However, this man gave answers in such a manner and tone that the judges and the viewers- both enjoyed his while audition without getting bored anywhere in between!

9. The Girl Who Knows-it-all | Roadies X4

The girl who knew everything except the questions related to General Knowledge! Her audition also became viral on social media. Her claim of completing a 100 mtrs race in 11 seconds also can’t go unnoticed!

10. The Reverse Uno Card | Roadies X1

Most of the time the judges are good at roasting those over smart auditioners. However, this time around, it was the contestant’s time to burn the judges! Yes, the boy was brutally honest about the show and the audience seemed to love his replies.

Which of the above 10 Funniest Roadies Auditions did you enjoy the most? Also, tell us the name of your favorite Roadies contestant in the comments!

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