15 Funniest YouTube Comments Which Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes comments on Youtube are way more hilarious and can make you laugh for hours. And if you are like me, you also might enjoy reading Youtube comments more than watching the video itself. In this article, we have curated a collection of the funniest youtube comments that will make you laugh.

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1. Why Is She Even Wearing That Though

This guy knows how to crack puns.

2. Always Be Extra Safe

Never did I think about this scene in Aladdin before this.

3. Sad Reality

Bro thinks he is Miley Cyrus.

4. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

This is the real multiverse of madness.

5. We All Did This

This is exactly how the last page of my notebook looked like during maths class in school.

6. Wait There Are 2?

That comment gotta hurt.

7. Yeah Science!

Well, at least he learned something watching him.

8. The Seals Did What?

Imagining this scenario is what makes this truly funny.

9. If Science Was A Person

But why does he look as if he is about to sleep?

10. Mission Impossible

Either this guy is over-exaggerating or he has the ability to somehow stop time. I’ll let you decide.

11. Is This Video For Real?

How come that is the first question that comes to this guy’s mind?

12. Interesting Observation

This actually is like an illusion, is he old or young?

13. He Is Going Through Something

I think he is just too nice and likes all the comments he gets even though they are hate ones.

14. Hugh Jackman Is Truly Talented

I can never get tired of you can’t see John Cena jokes.

15. iRobbery

This guy is asking the real questions that we need answers to.

With that, we come to the end of this list of some funniest youtube comments. Comment down which of these did you find the most hilarious and we hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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