21 Hilarious Autocorrect Fails That Will Make You LOL

Autocorrect is truly a necessary evil. Most of us spend so much time doing so many things on our smartphones that we really can’t deal with typing out each damn word. And some of us are just bad at spelling and thanks to autocorrect’s magic, we are saved from the embarrassment of not knowing how to spell difficult words (like this guy I once sat behind in an exam and he turned around to ask me how to spell ‘Orange’). But then autocorrect isn’t always your best friend.


This rascal has a mind of its own, and if you aren’t careful, it might get you in a lot of trouble with its wordplay. But like they say – others’ miseries make for great laughs! In that spirit, here are 21 hilarious autocorrect fails that will make you laugh out loud (and hang your head in shame, if you ever made one). Oh, and be warned, some of these are pretttyyy graphic, if you know what I mean.

1) I’m wondering how it got there in the first place

2) That’s definitely not allowed at work

3) I hope no child has to see that

4) What?

5) I don’t think she’d go out with him again

6) That’s too much information, me thinks

7) Looks like his mom had loads of “fun” when she was young

8) No one wants to look at that, grandma

9) Surprise!

10) That’s a lousy excuse

11) But how did he fit in one?

12) I don’t think I’d ever want to have a cupcake again

13) Still better than watching any Ram Gopal Verma movie

14) She must’ve been really hungry

15) That kid must’ve been scarred for life

16) That’s a very rude surgeon

17) One should never be ashamed of what they do

18) Parents shouldn’t text, ever

19) No one wants a racist friend

20) Someone call the fire brigade

21) Fat shaming is wrong!

I think I will go back to handwritten notes instead of sending messages after this.

What’s your most embarrassing auto-correct mistake? Share with us in the comments section below!

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