15 Funny Memes About Work To Share With Your Colleagues!

Working a 9-5 is also an act of bravery. Don’t believe me? Ask millions of people out there who have years of experience doing that. But, sometimes it is hard to concentrate on work, especially when you are in the middle of the week. Those Monday blues could also pull you down. In between all the stress of meeting deadlines, attending work conferences, and wearing that shield of confidence to work every day, there is one thing that works like a charm to destress you – Memes about Work.

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Yup, if you are feeling exhausted and need a breather, then read these quirky and hilarious work memes. And, trust me – they are universally relatable to every employee in the world. You can share them with your colleagues or even close friends who also work in corporate and get your daily dose of laughter together!

1. Having a workplace BFF is a blessing, right?

2. Hold it a little in buddy… it’s a long day at work.

3. What magic spell is it?

4. That 0ne person who has the extra talent of getting on everybody’s nerves…

5. I am proud of you for surviving through this day…

6. But Monday is inevitable.

7. Just don’t let them know or you could get fired!

8. Put on your best show buddy!

9. Right, so now everyone knows my plan?

10. It is better if we know in advance, right?

11. Okay, that’s too much honesty for today.

12. Was there ever a difference? 

13. That skill you did not include in your resume of staring at a wall all day without blinking…

14. If only I knew this ‘fun’ activity as a kid I wouldn’t have played outside…

15. If producing sick burns was a high-paying job I would be a millionaire!

Found those funny memes about work relatable? You sure do! Well, that’s all for today folks. Tell us about your favorite memes about work in the comments section.

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