21 Funny Tweets That Sum Up The Life In Delhi


If you’re from the capital city or ever visited it, you’d notice certain things that are so typical of Delhi that they’ve become standard Dilli things. From dropping names of influential people (also known as “connections”) in every conversation to the beginning and ending every sentence with a gaali, Dilli wallahs are truly a kind of their own. The city itself has a certain charm that no other city has – and whether you love it or hate it, if you’re a Delhite, you can’t live without it. Here are 21 times Twitterverse summed up the life of every Dilli wallah ever and had us in splits.

1) “Bhayya, thoda Moov laana. Theeenkyewww!”

2) Truer words have never been spoken.

3) Lust ke pujaaris, everywhere.

4) Why you do this, Delhi people?

5) This one’s hard to believe as South Delhi girls never take the bus.

6) Because Noida is not Delhi.

7) Dilli ki sardi is the worst.

8) Speaking of sardi, how can this act of bravery go unnoticed?

9) MC, BC are like terms of endearment.

10) Anyone who has done this know how much it pains!

11) And Amit Sharma. And Rahul Gupta. The goes on and on.


12) You’d know if you’ve ever tried hailing an auto in CP.

13) Because being stuck in traffic is a way of life for us.

14) Knowing Delhi that’s possibly true and must’ve happened to someone, for sure!

15) Once a bhai, always a bhai.

16) Ye to hona hi tha!

17) Dilli wallahs know what to take offence on, and what’s harmless humor.

18) Hashtag that.

19) Even our cats have a certain swag.

20) Because Rajiv Chowk is no less that Sparta!

21) And finally, this undisputed truth.


Never change, dear Delhi. You keep doing you.

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