11 Great Performances That Went Unnoticed In These Bollywood Flops

Most of the times we overlook performances in movies that don’t do so well at the box office. Some such movies have performances that are unparalleled and out of the box. These performances stand out and might be the only reason why fans watch or buy DVDs of the movies. Let’s take a look at some great performances that went unnoticed in theses Bollywood flops.


1. Akshay Khanna’s most stellar performance.

2. Probably the most underrated Bollywood actor.

3. The pride of Bhojpuri cinema.

4. The only good aspect of the movie.

5. The actual Indian stunner.

6. She’s aged like fine wine, hasn’t she?

7. A performance to remember from an easily forgettable movie.

8. The hidden gem of this bland movie.

9. At least he did not eat “Kauwa Biryani”!

10. Dimple’s character was hilarious, chirpy, and so natural.

11. From Gangs of Wasseypur to Tamasha, he was born for narrator roles.

One cannot judge a book by its cover, similarly one cannot judge an actor’s performance with the box office success or failure of a film. There are countless such performances that have gone unnoticed in movies that did not do so well at the box office, or even with the critics.

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