10 Highest Grossing Movies of SRK Of All Time

SRK and a good box office collection is a relationship no one can break. You know the movie will do good at the theatres even if critics do not believe so! Shah Rukh Khan has a certain charm in him that attracts audiences towards him. There is a reason why he is still considered the ‘King of Bollywood’- his ability to deliver such strong performances even after so many years. SRK movies are in themselves a whole genre! Let us have a look at some of the highest-grossing movies of SRK of all time.

Note: The collections indicated the articles are the gross worldwide collections.

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1. Pathaan | 2023 |INR  1050.03 Cr

Pathaan was a comeback movie for Shah Rukh after almost five years of not being on the big screen. And boy, what a comeback it was! It broke many records and became the second-highest-grossing Hindi film globally and the highest-grossing film domestically. This action thriller movie had SRK as RAW agent and we know when SRK is in uniform, magic happens! One of the highest-grossing movies of SRK of all time!

2. Chennai Express | 2013 | INR 423 Cr

Again a movie that broke many records at the box office like the highest number of screens, the highest opening week, the highest opening weekend and the list goes on! Chennai Express was a great entertainer with comedy, action, drama, romance, and great songs- it had to be a blockbuster!

3. Happy New Year | 2014 | INR 394 Cr

A silly movie with situational comedy trope. Happy New Year is one of the highest-grossing Indian films in the overseas market ever! The plotline was good and of course, a typical Bollywood funny movie where most of the logical things are omitted but it was super fun to watch and again we loved the songs!

4. Dilwale | 2015 | INR 376 Cr

Although the film was one of the highest-grossing films of SRK and also overall but SRK-Kajol duo together after a long time deserved a much better response. Maybe people were expecting the OG SRK and Kajol like in DDLJ or K3G but still, the movie was a decent watch and earned more than 300 crores INR which in itself is a difficult feat for any movie!

5. Raees | 2017 | INR 304 Cr

Raees was a great movie that would have earned much more than this if it was not pirated in India and Pakistan. But still it managed to be in the 300 crore club because of its plotline, action sequences, screenplay, songs and most importantly SRK!

6. Jab Tak Hai Jaan | 2012 | INR 235 Cr

A superb movie that was well appreciated by the critics and audience alike. It won 4 Filmfares and several other awards. It was selected for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and the Marrakech International Film Festival. It was also Yash Raj’s last movie before he passed away!

7. Ra.One | 2011 | INR 207 Cr 

Ra.One was one of a kind Indian superhero movie with a very refreshing genre for Indian taste. It sustained at the box office despite facing many piracy issues where the pirated version of the movie was available within hours of its release!

8. Don 2: The Chase Continues | 2011 | INR 203 Cr 

Remaking an iconic movie is one thing but releasing a sequel of the remake which becomes a blockbuster is a Shah Rukh thing. He continued the legacy of Don and did that with panache. Don 2 was widely acclaimed when it released and got a great box-office response!

9. Zero | 2018 | INR 193.84 Cr

Although Zero joined the 100 crore club, it missed the chance of being a blockbuster due to several reasons one of which can be the release and success of Padmaavat that same year. Although the VFX in Zero was impeccable and received a lot of appreciation, Zero despite being one of the highest-grossing SRK movies failed to break even at the box office.

10. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi | 2008 | INR 157 Cr 

It was Yash Raj’s highest-grossing movie at the time of its release but failed to be the blockbuster it had the potential to be because of its release time being close to the Mumbai Terror Attacks of 26/11. A simple yet engaging movie, this still got into the 100 crore club which is considered a hit provided the year was 2008.

This was our take on the highest-grossing movies of SRK of all time. Most of his previous movies like DDLJ, KKHH, or K3G are actually more profitable than others given the budget and year of the movies but in pure numbers, these 10 take the cake!

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