10 Best Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas on Hotstar You Should Check

Korean dramas are a huge hit, especially in India. These shows are very popular and are loved by many people. You can watch these dramas online on Hotstar, which is a premium streaming service that offers a wide variety of entertainment. Hotstar offers more than 20,000 movies & TV shows across multiple genres including Korean dramas dubbed in Hindi. In case you’re wondering if there are any Korean dramas on Hotstar right now that you should add to your queue. We’ve got your back!

1. Snowdrop

A man jumps into a Seoul women’s university hostel in 1987. On a group blind date, he meets Young Ro, a female university student who instantly falls in love with him. Despite the danger and rigorous supervision, Young Ro takes care of him. But when Young Ro finds out his secret, she is astounded. Soo Ho must follow the instructions in order to save his friends and return to his native nation, where his sibling waits. Young Ro defies her father’s wishes and unites with Soo Ho to save her friends and her beloved lover. 

2. Big Mouth

Park Chang-Ho is an attorney with a pitiful 10% success record. Because of his outspoken nature, he has earned the nickname Big Mouth. He occurs to become entangled in a murder investigation and is subsequently linked to the cunning con artist Big Mouse. Chang-Ho consequently finds himself in a potentially fatal circumstance.  Park Chang-Ho’s wife, Go Mi-Ho is a nurse. She has a stunning appearance and a bold and wise mentality. She supported her husband financially and emotionally while he pursued his legal career. When she finds out that her husband is thought to be the cunning con artist Big Mouse, she makes an effort to clear his identity.

3. The Golden Spoon

Would you choose an affluent life over a poor but loved family? Seung Cheon believes it is a no-brainer when he obtains a magical spoon that enables him to trade lives with his wealthy best buddy. Seung Cheon must choose between his two alternative futures because he only has three chances to modify his choice. However, life-altering decisions are always accompanied by uncertainty.

4. Doctor Lawyer

One surgery altered Han Yi Han’s life. According to him, the procedure went well, but the patient passed away. His medical license was subsequently suspended. Four years later, Han Yi-Han is a practicing attorney with a focus on medical disputes. He also looks into what really happened when his old patient died. Han Yi-Han defends victims in court and seeks to hold accountable those who engage in medical malpractice and carelessness. He works with a public defender who suffered the loss of a loved one and a romantic partner as a result of surgery Han Yi-Han performed.

5. Kiss Sixth Sense

Ye-Sool has had a remarkable talent since she was a young child. She has the ability to glimpse into the future of anyone who comes into contact with her lips. But she is unsure about how far in the future her vision is—whether it’s a month, a year, or many years away. At the moment, Ye-Sool works for a marketing firm. Although she loves her job, she despises her employer Min-Hu. However, she sees something completely different in her vision. 

6. Soundtrack #1

Even after 20 years of friendship, the thin line between love and friendship is blurred after just two weeks of them living together.  Photographer Han Sun-Woo is a  quiet man who exudes kindness and warmth. Lee Eun-Soo and him are close friends. For twenty years, they have had a strong friendship. Lee Eun-Soo earns a living by writing lyrics in the meantime. She has a sincere and vivacious personality.

7. Grid

In 1997, a phantom spirit protected humanity before vanishing. After 24 years, the enigmatic spirit reappears and aids the serial killer in escaping. For various reasons, Kim Sae-Ha, a bureau employee, Jung Sae-Byeok, a detective and Song Eo-Jin all chase the ghost. 

8. Solomon’s Perjury

Solomon’s Perjury is a murder mystery that explores the circumstances behind a student’s death and addresses the growing pains of adolescents. At the school, a student’s body is discovered. Authorities believe that the student fell and killed himself. To find out what really happened that led to his murder, other pupils at the school hold a trial.

9. One Dollar Lawyer

Cheon Ji Hun is an attorney with a distinctive style. Despite being one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the area, his fee is merely 1,000 won. He defends the case against the priciest layers and their wealthy clients who want to break the law. Baek Ma Ri has worked as the prosecutor’s assistant ever since she received her diploma from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She works at the famed Baek Law Firm, run by her grandfather and is confident and self-assured. Ma Ri’s life has been going well, but when she meets Cheon Ji Hun, everything changes.

10. When the Weather is Nice

Hye-Won is a straightforward individual with moral integrity.   With her cello-playing ability, Hye-Won started her social life, but was hurt by others at the time. As a result, Hye-Won has closed her heart to others and does not trust people. Hye-Won and Eun-Seob meet at Bookhyun Village.  Eun-Seob leads an easy life. He gets out of bed, has a cup of coffee, reads a book, and updates his blog. Eun-Seob meets Hye-Won, and things in his everyday life start to alter.

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Here are some of our favorite Korean dramas available on Hotstar right now dubbed in Hindi. 

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