12 Hindi Songs on Smile To Listen and Smile All Day Long!

People around the world celebrate International Smile Day every year on the first Friday of October since 1999- and so this October too you have one day when you must forget all your sorrows and smile! Can’t do that? Well, music therapy helps heal anyone- even those going through a bad phase or facing a health issue. And, well, Bollywood always gives you so many options for songs- be it smile, hug, heart, friends, family, or heartbreak. There are many Hindi songs on smile or even some that will inadvertently bring a smile to your lips.

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We have prepared a list of all Hindi songs on Smile that you can enjoy and smile like today is the first day of the rest of your life!

1. Muskuraane Ki Wajah| CityLights

There is a different place in our hearts for those who give us a reason to smile daily, isn’t it? Well, this soulful song in the voice of Arijit Singh is probably one of the best Hindi songs on Smile.

2. Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho| Jagjit Singh

This gazal by Jagjit Singh has a really deep meaning- it tells us that not every smile is genuine- some of us are busy hiding some sorrow behind our broken smiles. If you ever had a day when you had to put on a fake smile for the sake of this world- this song will heal you.

3. Teri Hasi (Your Smile)| Parichay

This song defining how the smile of your lover is pure magic in their eyes is sung by the singer Parichay. One of his hit songs- this one is worthy of your attention!

4. Muskura| Dasvidaniya

In the soulful voice of Sonu Nigam- this is another song from the movie Dasvidaniya that interprets a smile from a different angle. You can’t skip this one because of Sonu Nigam, now, can you?

5. Ik Junoon (Paint It Red)| Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The song has got beats and lyrics that will cheer you up instantly! This song might not contain the word ‘smile’, but it will give you all the reasons to crack up a smile on your own face!

6. Aaj Dil Shayarana| Holiday

This song from the movie Holiday is all about poetry, love, and optimism! A song that can ease up your mind, and make your day better. Have a cute reel with a bright smile on your face? Post it on IG with this song as the audio track.

7. I Feel Good Teri Meri| Anjaana Anjaani

Don’t we smile when we feel good? Yup, this song will make you feel good with its music, lyrics, and the whole vibe of it. Even the video featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra from the movie Anjaana Anjaani is all about fun and joy.

8. Tu Muskura| Yuvraj

Have a friend who isn’t smiling nowadays? Post a reel with your joyous moment spent with your buddy and dedicate this song along with the reel on Instagram. Become a reason for your friend to smile!

9. Allah Ke Bande| Kailash Kher

This song sung by Kailash Kher will teach you that bad days will get over soon- so don’t think much and just smile (the literal meaning of the first few lines of the song!). The song that became a hit soon after its release- this is an all-time favorite for the majority of people who listen to Hindi songs.

10. Jiya Jiya Re| Jab Tak Hai Jaan

This song sung by Neeti Mohan gave her the much needed exposure. This song composed by AR Rehman was so soulful that Neeti Mohan even won the RD Burman Award for it!

11. Aashayein Hanse Dil ki| Aashayein

The song Aashayein has lyrics that motivate you on the days when motivation is not kicking you from inside. This song from the movie Iqbal tells you that when your ambitions are strong- they will surely give you a reason to smile- every day.

12. Aashiyan| Barfi!

Want a reason to smile? If you have a roof above your head, food on your plate, and someone to love you- that’s enough to feel good and smile today. This beautiful song is all about smiling for and cherishing all the small things and moments in life.

So, which of the above Hindi songs on Smile is your favorite? Have a few more songs to suggest? Give us more such songs on Smile in the comments section.

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